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READING TO REGISTER AND RETRIEVE A PSYCHOLOGY OF STUDY (REV. OLADELE KOLADE) One great area of study that is being significantly explored today is the deeper understanding of human dynamics. Human being can be looked at from biological, sociological or anthropological perspectives. Since we are more specially dealing with the cognitive domain of the human we shall limit ourselves more to the discipline of Psychology. We want to employ the dynamics of perception, memorization and thinking in our study exercise. We shall also examine some of the mechanisms of mind, which are used in study and the motivating power, which activate these mechanisms. In this psychological exploration of the instruments of perceiving, remembering (recalling) and thinking , our attempt is to improve the efficiency of study which will be measured vis-à-vis the degree with which the study goals are attained, the speed with which they are attained and the economy of effort with which they are attained. PERCEPTION Perception can simply be defined as living being becoming sensibly aware of changes in its environment. The power of perception is biologically in-built and it belongs to receptive phase of human anatomy; e.g. in a normal visual perception, light impinges on the retinas of the observer, producing a pattern of stimulation corresponding to the pattern of events in the field (or object) he/she is observing. Impulses in the nervous system are transmitted to certain parts of the brain and then the observer sees the flash of lightning. Observation can simply be described as motivated perception. The following should be noted about perception:- 1. CONTENT:- What is presented to the mind. It must be noted here that we possess moderate power of sensory discrimination. 2. SPAN:- This defines “how much” or how many items are presented to the mind. Human being interestingly has a limited span of perception. The normal man cannot take in a single glance more than about seven separate items. For now, it is necessary to note that, other thing being equal, efficiency of perception varies in proportion to its span. 3. TIME:- the speed at which what is presented to the mind is perceived. Quickness of perception favors speed in action and economy of time in acquiring knowledge. The principle of subjective selection, which is important in the ordering of our mental life, bears upon the speed of perception in the special form of subjective facilitation. Other factors influencing our speed of perception include direction of attention, expectation and interest. Again it the simplicity of what is perceived. 4. ORGANIZATION:- To some degree, what is perceived is in some way organized; e.g. objects are seen having shapes and several objects form pattern. Some forms of organization facilitate better perception. Good organization depends on objective conditions (e.g. Geometrical properties of the thing perceived) and also subjective factors (e.g. Motivation or disposition in active search). The subjective factors are greatly under the control of the students. The difference in efficiency is seen in looking for something and not just looking at something. The earlier is more efficient than the latter. 5. SELECTIVITY:- It has earlier been mentioned that we cannot observe everything, we must therefore endeavor to observe the most important. In this regard training is required since the powers that determine spontaneous selection are precisely the forces of distortion and prejudice. In this regard propensities and interests are very important in selectivity since they determine the movements of attention in the perceptual field. Failure in observation is largely due to dissipation, a failure in discipline and restriction. The hallmark of an inspired observation is its relevance. Our observational training must not just be based on mechanical exercise of the perceptual function but rather stimulated by spontaneous interest, in this regard observation becomes focused than diffused. MEMORIZATION/RECALLING The more important problem, which looms largest in the student’s mind, is the problem of memorization. Retaining what is read from books and heard from class is a big huddle. Here emphasis is on the method rather than ability. Method is very important in the use of our mental power. Even though with method our powers of memory do not change but we can remember more by remembering with method. At this junction we must note that all improvement of memory consist in the improvement of one’s habitual methods of recording facts. Memory is a constituent function in response to stimulation. As perceptual experience enables us to respond to what is present, in the same vein memory enables us to respond to what is past, to respond to what is present in the light of past experience. The principles of selection, propensities and acquired interest are equally relevant to the power of memory. Interest and taste are necessary psychological conditioning for recalling can memorization. In this regard, we must note that ability may not always be commensurate with inclination, but even great ability will not compensate for the absence of motivation. Note the following tips: 1. Exploit every mnemonic device through learning by concentrated and focused (convergent) effort. 2. Active repetition is a catalyst of retention. 3. When every reading is followed by an attempt to recall the items, the efficiency of learning and retention is enormously enhanced; i.e. acts of reading and that of recalling should alternate. This procedure automatically secures the most favorable distribution of attention. The item, which proves most difficult, will invariably receive not only more time but also a special welcome from attention and a more favorable impression is secured. 4. The processes of assimilation are dependent on the stimulus of appetite. There is a natural rhythm of reception and digestion, cramming is a form of forcible feeding and the mere “Swot” as an intellectual glutton. 5. Curiosity is the appetite of the mind and good digestion waits on appetite. 6. Information is more readily retained when it comes in answer to question. If we study without asking question, experience no curiosity and no perplexities, it is doubtful if we shall ever learn and if by chance we learn we may not be able to retain what is learnt. The strategy is, ask yourself questions – try to get them answered or clear-then follow their lead as far as ever they will go. And then ask yourself another question. 7. Consolidation of what is learnt is required. This is possible through “mind metabolism” which follows the principles of analysis and re-synthesis in though. Little of what we learn is retained in its original form. Some re-organization can take place and this is the first condition of “originality”. 8. We learn by doing and expressing, so we retain information by making use of it. One of the ways of mastering what is studied is to give a lecture on it. Relatively too much time is spent in reading and attending lectures and relatively too little in thinking, writing and oral expression. At the minimum the latter should receive at least an equal sphere of the time. 9. The “psychology of ideas” expressing the way in which items of information were acquired one by one and built by association into complex whole is relevant in retention and memorization. The natural sequence in the acquisition of knowledge is from the vague to the precise, from the rough outline sketch to the detailed picture, from the provisional and inaccurate approximation to the refined and balanced truth.


PROPHETIC VOICE JULY 2013 (VERY SPECIAL EDITION) MY MONTH OF FAMILY RESTORATION AND REVIVAL OF MARITAL LOVE 1 CORINTHIANS 7:1-7 July, the 7th month called “Tisri” or “Ethanim” is a very special month in God’s scheme of things for the year 2013. It is a sabbatical month, when God will order rest for families and homes that are going through turbulent and challenging times. A word of grace and prophetic release is entering every home that this prophetic scroll shall enter and it shall effect radical restoration and revival that will reposition them. As Solomon in 1 Kgs 8:2 brought the Ark from Zion, positioning it in the most holy place where it belong, even under the wings of the cherubims, so shall God bring every scattered and shattered homes and families back to His presence. Every component of your household shall be restored and repositioned to experience greater manifestation of God’s glory. “And all the men of Israel assembled themselves unto King Solomon at the feast in the month Ethanim, which is the seventh month. And all the elders of Israel came and the priests took up the Ark. And they brought up the ark of the Lord, and the tabernacle of the congregation, and all the holy vessels that were in the tabernacle, even those did the priests and the Levites bring up. And the Priests brought in the ark of the covenant of the Lord unto his place into the oracle of the house, to the most holy place, even under the wings of the cherubims” 1 Kgs 8:2-6. The first 7 verses of the 7th chapter of the 7th book of the New Testament (1 Cor. 7:1-7) demonstrate in practical and tangible terms what will provoke the divine visitation that will restore our homes and family and rebaptize us into the holy marital love we first enjoyed. 1. Apostolic guidance and follow up – 1 Cor. 7 is the apostolic response to the serious question of the Corinthians on marriage issues they were struggling with. You must go back to the foundation and rediscover the reason and purpose for your marriage within the confine of divine constitution and instruction for marriage. You are in that marriage and family as a solution to problems but not as a cause of another trouble. What solutions have you brought so far to your partner or family? (vs 1). 2. Every/each man and every/each woman – It is your personal self consciousness of God’s particular address to you that will set the revival on for your family restoration. You have been looking at most of God’s command like its meant for your spouse/parent but from now begin to see yourself in that real picture God is painting. It is one plus one from the beginning and how dare you bring in the paramour/concubine/mistress and the man friend? You are missing the glory because of the evil mistitoes in your life! (vs 2). 3. Don’t be a fraud! – Denial brings destruction. It is mandatory you give your partner his/her conjugal right. Don’t wait until you get your own: give your partner first. Give and it shall be given back to you. Don’t deny him/her your goodwill, kindness and unconditional love – (vs 3). 4. You have lost the exclusive right. Marriage has redefined the confines of your right and freedom. Your freedom is now a matter of collective sharing. The mission of submission applies to the two parties in the marriage contract. Why are you then living like you exclusively own yourself and the right to do and undo. The day you said “I do” before the altar, you permanently altered that equation. The earlier you rediscover and realize this truth the faster your marriage and family restoration (vs 4). 5. Don’t Hide Under Any Spirituality! Your spiritual exercises cannot in any way replace or exonerate you from your conjugal responsibilities. You must be sexually very active, attractive and responsive to avoid allowing devil’s foot-hole and strongholds in your home. Understand the hormonal arrangement and chemistry of your partner and ignite him/her into action. After all that’s one of the principal reasons of your coming together (vs 2). 70% of marriage problems are connected with the issue of sex so why won’t you address it before it becomes a monster in your home? Do not be too carried away by your “spiritual activities” that you fail to regularly anoint the “holy place” and till God’s garden you have been appointed to take care of. July is the month you must comply and fully resume to your marital duty post (vs 5). 6. Your joint altar, how is its condition? If you can’t pray and fast together then you are not ready to be together. Your spiritual formation must be a joint business. Everything and everyone in your home must be brought together to the most holy place (1 Kgs 8:4-5). As God ordered Gideon in the 7th book of the Old Testament to go and destroy his family altar of baal before he can go and deliver the nation of Israel, you must equally get up this holy month and destroy every monster fighting your home and family. WARFARE PRAYERS  I thank you Lord for my home and family and for the many benefits made available to us.  I retake every lost ground illegally occupied by Satan and his agents in my family.  I command destroyed and roasted by Holy Ghost Fire every power negotiating and transacting with the glory and destiny of my family (Nah 3:4).  Every strange altar and throne in my family be irreparably destroyed in Jesus name.  Every foot hole and stronghold of devil in my home is destroyed and removed in Jesus name.  I command every seed and fruit of my family to declare god’s glory (Isa 18:18).  I re-ignite the fire of love between me and my partner today in Jesus name. every lost glory and ground you are restored.


PROPHETIC VOICE JUNE 2013 JUNE, MY MONTH TO CROSS OVER AND TAKE OVER (JOSHUA 6) By mercy and prophetic arrangement you are witnessing the emergence of a season designed by God to cause a positive stir and effect major transitions that will ensure destiny fulfillment. June is a month of transition, a season to exercise the divinely given power of dominion. Aside the fact that June divides the year into two, it s the 6th month carrying the logo of man since man was created by God on the 6th day of creation. God used the 6th day to fill/occupy every space in the universe with species of creature assigned to take charge. In a prophetically stylish way, God is speaking to us this sixth month of the year 2013 from the 6th book of the Bible and from the 6th chapter of the 6th book. Joshua 6 is a major transitory passage of the Old Testament that sets a major revolutionary mark in the emancipation of the people of Israel and their eventual relocation to their place of destiny and possession. I see your record readjusted to properly fit into your ordained destiny arrangement. Anything that is standing on your way will give way by FORCE for your destiny to be fully enforced. In that Joshua chapter six, the following are the prophetic release for you: 1. God is sending your dread ahead to frighten your enemy into perpetual hibernation (vs 1). 2. An affirmative and authoritative decree is coming from God for you and your generation to be re-assured of the details of your glorious destiny and possession. There is the need for you therefore to see this arrangement from God’s own perspective. In the spirit realm, you already have it and so you should know that you are fighting from the position of victory (vs 2). 3. For every destiny there is a specific prophetic tactic and “joker” – a divine blueprint to follow to achieve and possess the intended counsel of God. For Israel, there is the need to move around the city once a day for 6 days and the 7th day 7 times making a total of 13 times (“2013”) – (vs 3-4). 4. There is always the priestly and prophetic leadership. The priests were to be in front and lead the way and people were commanded to follow. This is the divine pattern to ensure for victory (vs 6-7). 5. Prophetic proclamation, a concomitant necessity to enforcing destiny. The priests were asked to blow the trumpet and he people were asked to shout to announce God’s kingdom. You must also proclaim the divine program about you (vs 5). 6. It doesn’t matter for how long or how tick the wall of obstruction to your progress may be, they are all giving way and falling down for you to cross over and take over! Turn these 6-point prophetic agenda into prophetic prayers and take over what rightfully belong to you in Christ now! • Thank you Lord for taking me into June, the transitional month. • I receive the divine covering and grace that this month carries. • I command every wall of obstruction set against my progress scattered and destroyed in Jesus name. • I decree my dread and terror to fall upon every enemy of my soul and destiny. • I receive the anointing to discover all tactics and divine strategies that will make me occupy and possess my possessions. • I fully enter my place of divine allocation and I take full charge of my divine allocation in Jesus Name.


PROPHETIC VOICE MAY 2013 MAY, MY MONTH OF GREAT POSSIBILITY (JOHN 5) Welcome to month “Ab”, the fifth month and the month of justice and righteousness. This month comes in the order of five (5), the number of grace. In this month, abundant grace will be made available to the saints to experience supernatural visitation of God that will take them far above their dreams and natural expectations. You shall be divinely enabled to enjoy help from above that will take you beyond every form of limitation. Because of you, heaven will break protocols that will take you far ahead in life. I see you with supernatural pace and speed. The prophetic navigating text is from the fifth chapter of the last gospel testifier, John. It’s all about the story of a paralytic man who had an encounter of unusual possibility, which broke all known medical or religious protocols.  The location of this encounter is of a special note. Pool of Bethesda with five porches. The historicity of this pool is already confirmed by archeological discoveries. Bethesda is a typology of the church with her functional fivefold ministries running from the same source; the Holy Spirit.  The conditions of the folks awaiting miracle from the pool is terribly pathetic. The description has no equal in the whole of the scripture (John 5:4).  The normal religious protocol was one per year. You can imagine the anxiety and frustration of those awaiting the stirring of the pool by the angel.  The situation of this impotent man was simply very unfortunate and looking at the length of time he has being hoping against hope. This man’s comment at the offer of Christ help shows the level of his frustration. “The impotent man answered him, sir, I have no man …” (5:7). It is normal if you have no man but terribly abnormal if you don’t have God. Jesus said unto him, Rise, take up your bed, and walk. This Rhema is coming to you this month that:  You should RISE up from your low level of frustration and confusion.  Take whatever was holding you down. Possess your possessions and  Walk into your full destiny fulfillment in Jesus name.  I thank you for launching me into May my month of great possibility.  I claim everything good that this month is carrying.  I terminate all my long and short time limitations and problems  I receive grace that will cause me to arise, possess and walk into my destiny package.  I receive overtaking grace that will break all known natural and religious protocols.


PROPHETIC VOICE APRIL 2013 APRIL, MY MONTH OF ENCOUNTER FOR HARVEST (JOHN 4) Welcome to the month of the fourth dimension, a month you will go beyond yourself by the power of the Lord. This month comes in the symmetrical pattern of the:  4 mighty effusions of the water of spiritual revival of Ezekiel 47.  4 deepening intimacy levels of Ex 33:7-11.  4 gospel records of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  4 directional mission adventures of Acts - Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and outermost part of the world (Acts 1:8). In a strategic symbolic manner, the prophetic text for navigating the month is taken from the fourth chapter of the fourth gospel (John 4). In this text, 4 different kinds and levels of encounter are captured:  The woman of Samaria by the well.  Those who heard the woman’s testimony and believed.  Those who had personal encounter directly with Jesus aside the woman’s testimony  The disciples on Jesus’ entourage. This fourth month, the challenge for us focuses on  Definite personal transformational encounter that will turn your life around positively and permanently.  Digging deep into the real issues of your life – opening up the secrets for the sacred (vs 16).  Giving your limited to provoke the release of the unlimited to your life (vs 10).  Moving beyond the mere traditions of men to understand the real demands of the kingdom (vs 20).  Profound spirituality that will produce movement of “Depth” that will eliminate “cosmetic” Christianity (vs 34).  Understanding true worship done in spirit and the truth of the revelation of the scriptures (vs 24).  Believing through others’ testimonies (vs 39).  Encounter beyond intermediaries (vs 41).  Challenge of urgency of harvest (vs 35). This month is a month for definite encounter that will provoke you into the harvest field and deeper intimacy with God. The encounter of the Samaritan woman by the side of this historical well is a masterpiece in the New Testament narratives. This discourse took the woman beyond mere traditional religionism – the spectacular she experienced produced the real spirituality she badly needed. Her philosophy of religion and theology was radically transformed. Jesus engaged her in a life transforming discourse that challenges all her world views she was holding on to. This month, there is a similar encounter you will experience and it will launch you into your real destiny package. 1. I thank you for launching me into the month of April. 2. A fully appropriate all grace released upon this month. 3. I refuse to be devil’s refuse or spiritual dustbin. 4. Oh Lord! Make me encounter you one-on-one and touch me where I need you most. 5. Uncover my secret so I can discover myself and discover your grace and mercy. 6. Exchange my “limited” with your “ultimate.” 7. Feel me till I want no more. 8. Give me testimony that will positively affect my land and draw people to you. 9. Enlist me in you vineyard for the harvest of this time. 10. Let my worship be true and really spiritual.


PROPHETIC VOICE MARCH 2013 MY MONTH OF STRATEGIC FUNCTIONING (LUKE 23:26, MATTHEW 27:32, Mark 15:21) Gradually the year 2013 is rolling out and the spiritually sensitive children of God are already laying hold on its prophetic promises and packages. I welcome you to the 3rd month, a month loaded with actions and several divine deliveries. As you fully key yourself into the prophetic happenings, the divine grace be lavished on you more than ever before. The prophetic navigating tool for this month is the testimony of a man compelled to carry the cross of Christ to Golgotha, a strategic, historical action yet to be properly placed in the annal of global redemption agenda. 3 witnesses bore this testimony:  “And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross” (Matthew 27:32)  “And they compel one Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to bear his cross” (Mark 15:21).  “And as they led him away, they laid hold upon one Simon, a Cyrenian, coming out of the country, and on him they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus” (Luke 23:26) This man from North Africa (Libya), I believe must be a proselyte who came for religious pilgrimage. This is prophetically significant for the students of missionology and chronoprophecy. It is a divine sign for the place of Africa in the end-time missiology campaign. In God’s end-time mission agenda, Africa is at the forefront. As we celebrate his resurrection, your placement in God’s kingdom business must be found. You must play your own part in the ongoing global mission campaign. No wonder that Paul posits in 1 Cor 3:9 “For we are laborers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building” 11 Cor 6:1 “We then as workers together with Him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain”. We must all find our place of service and mission, develop our God’s given abilities and rightly deploy them for the kingdom’s expansion. The word “aggareuo” translated compelled in Matt. 27:32 means “to press into service” and it implies speed and urgency. This month is for you to quickly locate your ministry placement in your church and addictedly commit yourself to the discharge of your God’s given assignment. Be a part of this great army God is recruiting whose descriptions conform with that of Joel’s end-time army: “They have the appearance of horses, they gallop along like cavalry. With a noise like that of chariots they leap over the mountain tops, like a cracking fire consuming stubble, like a mighty army drawn up for battle --- They charge like warriors, they scale walls like soldiers. They all march in line, not swerving from their course. They do not jostle each other; each marches straight ahead. They plunge through defenses without breaking rank --- The Lord thunders at the head of his army, his forces are beyond number and mighty are those who obey his command” (Joel 2:4-11). As we march through March, enroll in God’s workforce, and we pray that: (1) The Lord be honored over our lives this month. (2) All divine enablement to please and rightly serve God this month be given to us. (3) We find our right place in God’s kingdom. (4) God disengage us from every unprofitable transaction.


PROPHETIC VOICE FEBRUARY 2013 FEBRUARY, MY MONTH OF DOUBLE PORTION (2 KGS 2:9, ISA 61:7) Year 2013 is our year of multiplication and expansion in supra-geometric proportion and this month of February signals the full entry into the grace of bounty and supra-abundance. There is a journey this month from Gilgal and crossing over the Jordan for a supernatural enduement of grace that will surge you into the divine supply of surplus. Grace will be released this month to fulfill your divinely orchestrated desire. This month, for sure, the Lord will settle you and fully restore you into your destiny glory. Elisha’s journey with Elijah is the prophetic navigating scene that will unlock this month’s prophetic provision to you. Elisha, by divine election and arrangement was connected with Elijah to understudy him as an ordained replacement for Elijah. Elisha went through a very rough and rigorous apprenticeship program under the no-nonsense prophet called Elijah. With his humility, submissiveness, endurance and unequal display of loyalty and focus he completed his prophetic training as his master was exiting the ministry scene in grand style. Heaven came for Elijah in a ready chariot of fire and terrific whirlwind and simultaneously the time was equally set for Elisha to be fully inducted into a new destiny arrangement that presented an opened cheque unto him. Elisha by his training has come to term with the desire for supra-ordinary, and so when given the singular chance of placing demand, he asked for the unusual “DOUBLE PORTION OF THE KIND OF GRACE ON ELIJAH.” The senior prophet also recognized the hardness in the request of Elisha (vs 10). Elisha succeeded in collecting the mantle of Elijah, a connecting symbol of the double portion grace. Counting the recorded miracle of the duo, one can see that indeed the recorded miracles of Elisha was twice that of Elijah. Again, Elijah left Elisha behind as a successor but Elisha left a community of prophets raised under his leadership. Listen well, God is saying to you this month of February as you prophetically and prayerfully connect that: 1. You will be connected with somebody that will succeed in raising you far higher than himself/herself. 2. You need to persevere and endure for after your endurance comes enjoyment in superlative and supra-lative dimension. 3. Your journey this month is a prophetic replica of Elisha’s Gilgal-Jordan journey of destiny re-construction and fulfillment. 4. Everything on your way this month that is stationed to deter, debar, detour, discourage or destroy you shall be terminated. Every dream terminator shall be terminated for there is the unchanging determination to fully fulfill you this month. 5. Anything that leaves your life this month will surely create space for supra-double and best to take over. The exit of Elijah launched Elisha into his full destiny fulfillment. 6. When your destiny pack arrive with the divine envoy you will not be blindfolded, you will see your blessing clearly and with your two hands grab your destiny belongings. 7. The mantle that will enable and fulfill your prophetic and destiny mandate will be handed over to you this month. In a concurrent current of prophetic declaration, the Lord said also through Isaiah concerning you that “For your shame (instead of your shame) ye shall have double; and for confusion (instead of confusion) they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall be unto them” Isa 61:7. WELCOME TO FEBRUARY; YOUR MONTH OF DOUBLE PROTION OF ANOINTING.


2013’S PROPHETIC X-RAY 2013, MY YEAR OF DIVINE BOUNTY PSALM 13:6 2012 came with the experience of divine strength and power and that has rightly positioned us to continually enjoy unceasing blessings and provisions from heaven. As the year 2013 unfolds, the anointing for production is released upon the church and this will translate into BOUNTY and supernatural fruitfulness. The prophetic, navigating tool to journey through the year is Psalm 13 and this holds the key to 2013’s breakthrough. There is a transformation packaged for you this year that will turn your story around suddenly and radically. In this Psalm are the following truths and revelation: 1) You are not forgotten! 2013 is a year you are programmed to be remembered by God. It does not matter how you feel about your condition or how frustrating your situation seems to appear, this year you shall be remembered for good. There is a turning around this year that will radically change your history and story. 2) Your sorrow of heart and pains in your mind shall turn to rejoicing. It may look like your enemies are exerting over you and rejoicing over your matter but the turn around you will experience in 2013 will change the story. Your pains shall give way for gains and your sorrow shall change to singing. You will sing a new song this year and it’s your turn to share a new testimony (vs 2 and 4). 3) Within His coverage zone. Your case shall be considered and your matter heard (vs 3). This year, you will receive revelation (lightening of your eyes) that will deliver you from destruction and sudden death. This year, every attack of death against you is destroyed in Jesus name. 4) Covered by MERCY and located by SALVATION (vs 5). Mercy of God will locate and stay with you this year. It is the mercy of God that will make the difference. The difference will be clear in your life this year because MERCY will be ministered to you. 5) BOUNCING IN BOUNTY (vs 6). This is an experience that will provoke signing in you, and that experience is the experience of BOUNTY. You will have divine supply in surplus. NAVIGATING PRAYERS 1. Thank you God for seeing me through 2012. 2. I celebrate you for moving me into 2013 with power and strength. 3. All grace that I need to succeed and increase this year 2013, release unto me. 4. By faith, I walk through this year and receive all good things its holding. 5. Anoint my head to access the supply of surplus. 6. I frustrate the counsel and determination of evil against me, my family, my church and my nation. 7. I receive divine attention to be sighted for honor and glory 8. I overcome every evil thought of frustration and despondency. 9. I will not die but I will live to declare the counsel and the glory of the Lord. 10. I shall not be moved from my destiny place of blessings. 11. Frustrate the counsel of my enemies and put them into perpetual shame. 12. Let mercy and grace continually locate and saturate/satiate me. 13. I receive the anointing for bounty and the supply of surplus.