Thursday, August 11, 2011


August is the last month of a prophetic order because September marks the beginning of another prophetic order. The year can be divided into 3 prophetic orders of 4 months each. The 1Kings 18’s, 3 times’ outpouring of 4 buckets of water by Elijah before the great revolutional conflagration is an example of strategic division of 12 in 3 places of 4 settings. 3 is the number of God and 4 is the number of divine intervention and 12 the covenant number of divine government. August, as I said, marks the end of the second order and launches into the scene of the 3rd order. This month, this year is prophetically marked as our month of Divine VISITATION. There is a transformational visitation you will experience this year that will reposition you, balance the equation of your deliverance and dominion.
John chapter five is where the clue is to fully receive the declaration and prophetic budget of the month. August carries an unusual grace and anointing that stand to change the order of things and defy the formular of man under which you have been subjected for so long time. Your story is about to change because the commander has come with a command to compose a song of victory for you in the midst of tragedy. Your complain will change and you will now start to command situation and event around you.
A visit to a scene at Bethesda fully unveils the divine intent for God’s people this month. The setting, the situation, and the restoration seen on the scene and the right interpretation of all will unpack this month’s prophetic package into you revolutionally.
By the sheep market by the northeast side of Jerusalem was a pool with five porches. This is the setting of this great visitation. Several people awaiting God’s visitation were here. The pool is a sign of centrality of the source of grace and the five porches the diversification of the manifestation of this united grace. The church of Christ is exposed to the given ministry of grace through the effectual ministry working of the FIVEFOLD ministry of the church. There is a reality of “Bethesda” in the church; there is a need to connect with the ministry gifts available in the assembly of the people of God. Your worships in the church this month will directly connect you with Him in a transformational manner.
The description of the crow at this Bethesda pool is unequal in the whole of the scripture. The impotent, blind, halt, withered, but waiting crowds. What kept many of them alive was the spirit of expectation. Their horrible situations qualified them as specimens for divine visitation and miracle. You must keep faith alive because you shall be divinely visited this month.
By tradition, an angel is normally sent seasonally on an errand to stir the water for the release of grace for just a specific, fast person to be liberated. There shall be angelic visitation this month that will bring transformation to some individual. The visitation of the angel has its season. I decree that your own season shall be now. In every visitation, there is a demand placed on the recipient (host). In this case of the stirred pool, the demand was quick stepping in. The man in this discourse was trying to meet this demand for 38 years!
Around the pool were several people with diverse issues and problems, but this man was singled out. The Lord will single you out for outstanding miracle this month. It does not matter for how long you have been there. This man was there for 38 years with just single chance per year, but with this radical visitation, the equation of the pool side and the man’s situation changed just in a moment.
6. I HAVE NO MAN (Vs. 7)
The sick man must be a very good historian or at least an eloquent narrator. The man was prepared to write a thesis on all of his attempts the past 38 years. The issue is that the narration does not answer the question nor solve the problem. The conclusion of the whole thesis according to this man was “I have nobody”. Where do you want your help to come from? It is not that you don’t have anybody but that you are not looking up to God for a miracle. When you look down you go down and when you look up you will go up and soar high on wings like eagle.
What a command! Jesus ordered the man to get up and carry what has been holding him down the past 38years. This month you will also arise and carry what is holding you down. You have a charge to now take full charge – an expected change that can only come after a divinely orchestrated encounter and visitation. May you receive this in Jesus name.

1 Thank you God for this gift of this month.
2 I connect myself with the release of grace in my church. I tap into all available anointing of the body ministry of my church.
3 Lord, let me be a target of divine visitation this month.
4 Step into my situation and affairs that I may experience transformation.
5 Single me out for special outstanding miracle this month.
6 This month, I will not complain but commend my situation.
7 I look up unto you and not any person, let help come to me from on high.
8 From today, I step up to take full charge and I refuse to be under any circumstance!


uly opens the prophetic curtain of the other half of the year 2011 and for the Saints, the month is marked with the manifestation of joyful celebrations. The people of God are destined to experience the unspeakable joy issued only by the Holy Spirit. Anything outside of the configuration of joy will never come near your dwelling. I have an assignment in this prophetic declaration as God’s servant to unleash on you, the gracious anointing that will make you continually flow in joy, jubilation and unequal celebrations. There are certain things you need to know so as to have and experience this joy I am talking about; joy that does not depend on the happenings.

Joy is an experience and expression of the soul. The “State” of your soul determines its situation and expression. If you have not encountered His salvation you cannot experience His joy. The experience of God is the basis for the experience of joy. You must therefore seek His salvation. This joy will also put you far ahead of those chasing you and it will deliver you from the plundering power of the enemies.

“And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD, it shall rejoice in His salvation. All my bones shall say LORD who is like You, delivering the poor from him who is too strong for him, yes, the poor and the needy from him who plunders him?” (Ps. 35: 9-10).

“You will show me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hands are pleasures forevermore.” (Ps. 16:11) – Those who will enjoy joy must desperately seek His presence. Those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High are also those interested in following His direction. The only place to enjoy joy is God’s presence. The only pleasures that produce real joy is those that come from God’s hands. I decree that this month you will receive and enjoy divine pleasures all around.

“The humble also shall increase their joy in the LORD, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel” (Isa. 29: 19 KJV).

“The meek shall obtain fresh joy in the Lord…………………………….” (Isa.28:19 ESV).

One major prophetic key that will attach you with joy this month is humility or meekness. The heart of the humble will generate the oil of joy. Fresh joy is a progressive joy. Joy that increases is experienced only by those who live life humbly. May heaven connect you with the virtue of meekness so that the joy of the Lord may be your portion.

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him” (Ps. `16:5-6). This is a direct connection between “seeding/planting” and harvesting and between “sowing and joying”. The seasons of sowing provokes and enforces the experiencing of joy. This month, find a fertile soil to sow some seeds of help, gifts, counsel, encouragement, appreciation and support and watch to see the dividends as you reap the returns in over flowing joy. Those who want to experience joy must aggressively move through this month, sowing good seed in every available fertile land they can. God says I should tell you to sow into someone’s life this month and await the joyful harvest.

“Your words were found, and I ate them, and your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart; for I am called by Your name” (Jeremiah 15: 16). This declaration of Jeremiah gives a powerful revelation about the concept of joy from the Lord. Jeremiah located God’s word. The word of the Lord must be seen as a treasure that must be sought for. When found, it must be consumed, digested, assimilated and properly used. God’s revelation contains divine joy and celebration. Provoke the release of joy into your life by becoming addicted to searching for the treasures of the word. Swallow the word so you can wallow in God’s given joy; the joy unspeakable. “And all the people went their way to eat and drink and to send portions and to make great rejoicing, because they had understood the words that were declared to them” (Neh. 8:`1). The understanding of every prophetic declaration will provoke into the full manifestation and outburst expression of unstoppable, contagious joy. Joy will cancel your sorrow this month, it will grip and strangulate to death all of your grief.

I see a cloud over, your head and the cloud will surely deliver its good contents. The down pour you are about to experience will give you reasons to continually celebrate. This month, you are destined to receive joy in its freshness and fullness. I say again that anything outside of the configuration of joy will never come near you. I release you into this month like Nehemiah to eat, drink, rejoice and send portions to others.



 Thank you God for launching me into this month
 I connect myself, family, land and Church with the prophetic provision for the month
 I reject every agenda of hell for this month
 Lord, deliver me from those who are stronger than me and insulate me against plundering attacks
 I connect myself, family, Church, nation perpetually with your direction and enjoy the multifold blessings of your holy presence.
 I will live my life in your pleasure and enjoy my days with your divine provisions.
 I receive the holy virtue of meekness and humility even as I constantly enjoy refreshing and ever increasing joyfully re
 As I continue to sow this month so I continue to joyfully reap according to your order.
 Let me find your word this month and let it be the rejoicing of my soul.


Oladele Olusola Kolade was born to the family of Pa. Samson and late Dns. Odunola Kolade about four decades ago. His academic journey is as follows:
 L.A. Primary School Idi-Ope Oyo 1979 - 1985
 Oranyan Grammar School Oyo 1985 - 1989
 St. Andrew’s College of Education Oyo
(Now Emmanuel Alayande College of Education) 1990 - 1994 (NCE)
 International School of Christ Accra 1999
 Ghana Baptist Theological Seminary Kumasi Ghana
(Now Ghana Baptist University College) 2000 – 2004 (B.Th)
 University of Ghana Legon (Accra Ghana) 2002–2004(Dip. Theology
 School of Post Graduate Studies
Nigerian Defence Academy 2011 till date (MIASS)
He completed his theological training as the best undergraduate student with first class results both for G.B.T.S and the University of Ghana’s Diploma program. He demonstrated transformational leadership skills as a student body leader during his theological training years.
His rich spiritual experience began so early while he was in secondary school. He was used by God along side with few others to bring about a great revival at his school’s Christian students fellowship that helped nurture many great people of God serving in several places today. He was nurtured and exposed to ministry works through the ministries of First Baptist church Oyo, the End Time Army Ministries (then a non denominational Christian ministry of gifted youth) the GLODET mission.
He was actively involved in the revival that swept his home church (FBC Oyo) in the 80s and 90s through the bible study group of the church (the group that produced the current President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention; Revd Dr. Supo Ayokunle). His deep spiritual experience began in December 1987 when he had personal encounter with Christ and totally surrendered his life to him. He began itinerary teaching and evangelistic ministries in 1989.
Following specific divine direction, he founded the Aggressive Christian Corps Ministries (now Global Deliverance Team GLODET), a non denominational ministry dedicated to spiritual warfare and missions. Through this mission he was in Kaduna between 1996 and 1997 training people for spiritual warfare. Around this time he helped trained members of the Nigeria Military Christian Fellowship of the Kalanpazin Artillery Barracks Kakuri. He proceeded to Ghana on this same mission 2nd of December 1997 where he trained very many people from various denominations on the subject of spiritual warfare.
In Ghana, he became actively involved with his denominational church, the Baptist denomination. He served the Ghana Baptist Convention in the area of church planting and growth. He worked with Bethany Baptist Church Senchi Ghana and then pioneered the First Baptist Church Akosombo Ghana where he was from 1999 till December 2006. He returned to Nigeria in December 2006. He joined the ministries of the Barnawa Baptist Church on 1st September 2008 as the Church Pastor, the ministry position he continue in till date.
He is a renown expositor of the scripture and well sought after teacher and preacher. He is a gifted and prolific writer. Some of his publications include:
Manual on Spiritual warfare.
Strategic prophetic prayers.
How to pray through.
Beyond the letter.
About a stone cast.
Prayer campaign Against Witchcraft.
Johanine Epistle.
Awon Episteli Johannu.
Introduction to Spiritual Warfare (At advance stage of publication).
He is the writer of the popular monthly Baptist Prophetic Voice, a publication of the Barnawa Baptist Church Kaduna. Apart from this, he is a strong advocate for a transformed Nigeria where there will be equity, accountability and socio-economic fairness and justice. He is a strong Pan-Africanist, a social and economic advocate of justice and transformation. He has been writing in the dailies and the internet. Much of his writings and researches can be accessed on his blog –
He is happily married to Omolara Atinuke nee Amusan and the marriage is blessed with 3 Kids: Favor, Mercy, and Faith. By his calling he is a Pastor, teacher and a prophet. Combined with his ministry exploits, he is equally undergoing a post graduate program with the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna (Master of International Affairs and Strategic Studies). Given his vast experience on cross-cultural mission and Spiritual Warfare, he has become a force to reckon with in the Christian faith community. He enjoys writing, driving, and teaching. He is currently the senior pastor of the Barnawa Church Kaduna.


By Rev. Kolade Oladele Olusola
Senior Pastor, Barnawa Baptist Church Kaduna
{postgraduate student of NDA Kaduna MIASS}

As a clergyman who is very much interested in the total “well being” and “being well” of my parishioners and my nation where God strategically positioned me, I watch with keen interest the very many “acrobatic economic policies” of the Nigerian government and the many oratory definitions of our economic challenges by the political and economic elites of my country. Sometimes I feel we are trying to profer answers to the questions we have not taken time to really understand. If Nigeria will truly become a major force to reckon with in terms of economic, social and political development in Africa, then we must go back to our drawing board to recheck the many economic and political issues we are trying to deal with. We need to be sincere and serious as we seek to solve our many economic woes and worries.
We need a radical shift from the rhetorical policy formulation to a more pragmatic policy order specifically designed to solve our economic problems and not the western tele-guided policy that will continue to make us junior partner in the global economic arrangement. We need to re-read our history using the African google, and then we can come up with African and Nigerian solution that will favour and address our economic needs and agenda. We need to learn some radical rudiments of economic growth that will localize globalization from emerging economies like Malaysia, India, China, South Korea, Singapore and the other emerging, fast developing nations.
When Obasanjo’s regime came up with the well articulated National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) in 2004, many people thought it was a brilliant policy idea to address economic, political and institutional issues. The plan was to create wealth, 7 million new jobs, alleviate poverty and eliminate corruption. By the end of his tenure it became crystal clear that the policy failed terribly in achieving its most basic objectives. Yar’Adua’s 7 point agenda which was anchored on vision 20:20:20 – the idea that Nigeria will be catapulted to become one of the top 20 economies of the world by 2020 – has failed. By the close of Yar’Adua’s era, it has also become crystal clear that the 7 point agenda was a mere rhetoric.
Nigeria urgently needs a comprehensive economic program with a very clear strategic focus and road map that will not blindly follow any ready made, westernly formed almighty formula that may further worsen the fragile economic situation we find ourselves now. There is a need for a new policy thrust. Whatsoever will be the policy idea and road map must also be properly co-ordinated and implemented.
We need a clear departure from the imperialist agenda we have been pursuing since independence. We must look within in developing the grassroot economy. We must sincerely target development of human and physical capital. Nigerian economy is largely one commodity export economy, a rentier approach to development that can never produce any lasting economic gain. The only thriving business in Nigeria as at today is “politics”. The capital flow direction is a “trickle down” system from the oil revenue instead of a “bubbling up” system that will empower the grassroot to generated wealth. We must define and adopt economic priorities and strategies in a manner that works for the majority of our citizens.
Those in charge of policy formulation and implementation must come to term with the reality and gravity of Nigeria’s problem so that they will take issues of economic emancipation of Nigeria serious. It is a known fact that:
1. About 60% of Nigerians live below $1 (N150) a day. This is the main reason for the many criminalities in the system. Some few people are eating to the point of vomiting while the larger majority is starving to death.
2. More than 6.9 million Nigerian children of primary school age are not in school. An uneducated mind is a potential danger to the society.
3. An estimated 800 Nigerian women die for every 100,000 live births.
4. About 200 out of every 1,000 Nigerian babies die before they are 5 years old.
5. Nigeria is losing about 350sq km to desert encroachment annually. With our gas reserve, no household in Nigeria should be using firewood or charcoal for cooking. The gas sector reform is tilted toward rhetoric and abysmal corruption. We also refuse to practically explore the technology of bio-gas.
We urgently need a policy shift that will increase social expenditure, inclusion of the poor in public budgeting, macroeconomic balance, effective resource utilization, strengthening of the public policy instruments that promote development and equality, radical reduction of recurrent expenditure, determined efforts at reviving non-oil sectors of the economy and accelerated industrialization. Infrastructures in Nigeria are in a serious state of decay. Investment and industry can not grow in an environment where basic infrastructures are not guaranteed. A nation of about 140 million people with the erratic power generation of less than 3,500 megawatt is only joking when talking of serious industrial revolution. Vision 20:20:20 can only be taken serious if government is practically serious about restoring infrastructures. We must equally create investment friendly climate through a combination of legal, tax and other measures that will encourage genuine investors especially the indigenous ones. Unless the current resource looting is stopped, and our resources are properly rechanneled towards real practical, evenly, distributed development, Nigerian economic situation may remain in that same coma. We must arise and together build a better Nigeria we can all be proud of! God is watching President Goodluck Jonathan to see if he will truly do what he was called by God to do. I pray he will be a true Goodluck to the drowning Nigeria Economic situation.


That Nigeria is very strategic in God’s prophetic agenda for Africa and the World at large is a clear fact. Nigeria is a nation of destiny with the highest concentration of blacks. God has equally deposited enormous resources in Nigeria, an investment that must bring corresponding dividends. It is however, a tale of woes as we refuse to fully fulfill this great destiny. The economic situation of the country is a sorry case and this has produced very many other serious problems. I believe strongly that God has brought President Goodluck Jonathan on scene to fix the problems and set a new leadership paradigm that will reposition Nigeria in the new global order. I continue to see my President as the modern day Moses to lead the long awaited emancipation of this country as the nation is reformed and her history re-written. If President Goodluck Jonathan will not disappoint God like Saul, then he must be prepared to align himself with God as he assiduously work to tackle the following menace and change the current socio-political and economic equation of Nigeria.

1. Wealth Distribution: We do not need a seer to predict the danger inherent in a society that has the gap between the rich and the poor so vastly wide. The dangerous situation in Nigeria now is the gradual elimination of the social and economic middle class. It is either you are highly rich or you are poor. The situation keeps degenerating and the attendant frustration of the inability of the government to arrest the trend is the increase in criminality in the society. The economic situation of Nigeria now is “murdering”. The cost of a normal plate of food is averagely N200 and to eat three (3) square meal a day means an average person will spend N18, 000 a month on food alone. If government is struggling to pay N18, 000 minimum wages and it can afford to pay some few selected individuals more than 400 million naira per head in the same economic situation, then you can understand why it will be very difficult to curb criminality in our country. It is the contradictions in the system that is producing criminality. We need a new political and economic order that can expose the in-equities, unequal power relations, inequalities and hegemonic class relations that underpin conflict in the country. National wealth must be redistributed. Government cannot afford to pay terribly fat salaries to political officers when it cannot pay N18, 000 minimum wages which is even grossly inadequate. When we bridge the gap between the rich and the poor we will be addressing many other issues. President Jonathan must be sincere to work toward wealth re-distribution then he will have peace in governance.
2. Absurdity of one commodity Export economy: One other major distortion of our economy is the failure of the government to diversify the economy stay. After more than fifty (50) years of existence as a nation, we have not been able to develop the various facets of our economy. We still continue in the “rentier” economic style. Nigeria’s oil wealth and the revenue derived from the industry over the decades have not manifested in improved, corresponding infrastructural development, wealth generation, poverty reductions and appreciation in living
- 2 -
standard for majority of Nigerians. Other sectors of the economy have been neglected instead we have taken to “share-share” life, resulting in political instability and the horrendous level of corruption that is visible everywhere. The political and economic capitalist elites are bent on not allowing the oil revenue to be channeled toward holistic development of the various aspects of the economy but rather confine the wealth only within their enclaves. President Jonathan must rise up to the task of using the oil wealth for massive development of other sectors and a radical transformation of the nation’s infrastructure. It is a shame that South Africa deployed 5 billion dollars to generate additional 3,000 megawatts of electricity whereas after Nigeria spent more than $16billion over a period of about ten (10) years, our electricity generation rather dropped below 3,500 megawatt. Part of individual’s building project now is the sinking of boreholes because the State cannot adequately provide water for the citizen. Virtually every road you travel in Nigeria today is death traps, “pot holes” and “man holes” everywhere. V.I.O is checking vehicles for road worthiness but who is checking the State for the “driving or car worthiness” of the roads? After fifty (50) years, what can we say about the agricultural sector of the economy? What has happened to our cocoa, coffee and palm? Sometimes, I wish oil should stop flowing in Nigeria so that we can wake up from our economic coma or slumber.

President Jonathan must not disappoint God in revitalizing our country’s economy by coming up with a radical economic approach that will eradicate economic and political elites motivated by the terrible, desperate, greed-driven quest to corner oil wealth and rents only to their enclave. Jonathan must help build a new social pact with the people based on an emancipatory, transformative, and participatory developmental democracy.

3. Strangulating, global economic system: If Malaysia could do it, Asian power could achieve it, small Singapore nation succeeded in attaining breakthrough, then Nigeria under the leadership of Goodluck can equally attain it. If we don’t “localize globalization”, we may not be able to break even. I want to seriously beg President Jonathan not to fall victim to Bretton Wood Institutions’ diabolic economic template, the agenda of which will only favour the industrialized capitalist nations. We must come up with our own realistic economic policies that will help in industrializing our country instead of being the “junior partner” and supplier of raw materials and capital for the foreign countries. Why should we continue to export crude oil and agricultural raw produce and importing the finished products at very exorbitant prices? Some “local cartels” are bent on making Nigeria to continue to export crude oil and import petrol, kerosene, diesel and other oil products at unbelievable prices.

- 3 -
4. Dieing Education Sector: Nigeria economy is going down but the rate at which education is going down is faster than the general economic situation. The current situation of the nation’s education sector is terribly saddening. The corruption in the society has eaten very deep into the education sector. Learning from Ghana, when her economy was down in the 80s, education sector was not allowed to go down. It is very hard to get any WAEC/NECO Examination Centre where cheating is not the order of the day. The worst offenders are the unbridled private Secondary Schools where their owners in collaboration with the disappointing parents are bent on finding easy way avenue for the unserious students. Government should set up independent examination monitoring task force to randomly check exam centers to arrest the situation. Any school caught in any examination malpractices should be immediately closed down. Unless an independent task force, the education system is so corrupt that no rescue policy may succeed. In the gang-up against educational progress in our country, are the many elements in the Ministry of Education, WAEC and NECO and the dangerous greedy private school owners who are greed driven. These elements connive together, feeding corruption in the system and encouraging examination malpractices. The earlier government does something, the better. One major reason for the mass failure is the reliance of students on examination leakages. Our students will only seat up when they discover there is no room again for examination malpractices.

We also need to redefine our tertiary system to make its focus relevant to the current national needs. There is no serious link between our tertiary educational system and industrial/manufacturers world. We need a complete “reconfiguration” of the content of our tertiary education to make it relevant to our context.
Mr. President, heaven is counting on you to lead this new dispensation that will bring about radical emancipatory transformation and reposition Nigeria as a leading economy – a pacesetter for the whole of Africa. You can do it, we can do it!
Revd. ‘Dele Kolade
Senior Pastor, Barnawa Baptist Church,
P. O. Box 4337,
Barnawa, Kaduna.
The writer is also currently a Postgraduate Student of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna (Master in International
Affairs and Strategic Studies (MIASS).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011




May, the 5th month, is a month to experience the unspeakable gift of grace of God (II Cor. 9:15). Five is the number of grace and it depicts securing God’s power, providence and help. There is an overwhelming grace coming your way this month, that will reposition you into unusual greatness. The glory manifestation of last month is been consolidated by the magnanimity of God this month. I see an opened heaven over you, and the rain of divine supra-abundance of all that will make you become fully fulfilled. This month marks the beginning of the change of level because the zeal of the Lord will effect some positive changes in our lives. Our magnificent and magnanimous God is about to bring the rain of supra-abundant blessings that will change our story this month.

The story of the divine provision arrangement for Elijah in I Kings 17 is the key we need to experience the magnanimity of God this month. In tandem with the revelation in this text, you need:

1. RHEMA FROM GOD (17:2): In all encounters and experiences of Elijah, the common denominator of them all is the phrase “And the word of the Lord came unto him.” There is a specific word for a specific person to deal with a specific situation at a specific time. A revealed word from God will come to you this month that will bring a divinely desired change for you.
2. LOCATION OF DIVINE ALLOCATION (17:3): You need to understand that every divine allocation for you is in a specific location. This is so because God created place before He created people. God’s blessings for you is in a particular place. I decree by His anointing that this month you will locate your place of blessings.
3. AGENTS OF PROVISION (17:4): You need not rely only on your brain’s dictation and calculation because what God wants to do for you, your logic and brain can not fathom it. There are destiny partners ordained by God to satisfy you and answer your questions. In the season of dryness, far away in the wilderness, God reserved a brook for His Prophet. At a place where there was no man, God ordained and engaged the ravens to bring food for His Prophet. This month, you will locate your own brook. Those ordained to bring you divine supplies in surplus will locate you. Your destiny partners, all over, will come over to execute their God’s given assignment for you. Who can really discern that in the season of famine, a consistent spring can be found in the wilderness? Who can decipher and understand the divine dealings in ravens making food provision for a man, given the fact that the ravens are known for not caring for their own young ones? Not only that the ravens gave Elijah food but they also gave him very balanced diet (17:6).
4. TRANSITION TO HIGHER LEVEL (17:9): When it seems your supply is sort or stopped, it is only to allow for the introduction of the better one. Anything that leaves your life is to create space for something bigger and better to take over. The dried brook is a signal of transition to higher level. This month, you shall move from “cherith” to “Zarephath” where there is a better provision. There is a testimony you are about to have, the testimony of Gilgal.
“And the children of Israel encamped in Gilgal, and kept the Passover on the fourteenth day of the month at even in the plains of Jericho. And they did eat of the old corn of the land on the morrow after the Passover, unleavened cakes, and parched corn in the selfsame day. And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land: neither had the children of Israel manna any more, but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year” (Josh. 5:10-12).


1. Lord, thank you for the gift of this month
2. I decree an opened heaven over me and my family
3. I receive God’s Rhema for me to prosper from this month
4. I command my legs to take me to the place of my divine allocation
5. I command all my destiny partners to locate me and fulfill their God’s given mandate for my life
6. I decree my transition to higher level of spiritual, material and financial breakthroughs.
7. I command my environment to work to my favour
8. I receive grace to disgrace my enemies
9. I receive my divine supply in surplus
10. I am keyed into the divine magnanimity perpetually




his year is rolling out gradually and there is the panoramic unveiling and unfolding of the divine intent of the total package for this year, you will receive your own portion in full. The rain have started already, and it’s the combination of the earlier and the latter rain.

his month in God’s scheme of things is a month of monument, a month of memento and memorial. God has declared that you will experience the positively unusual and uncommon encounter of blessing that will be a memorial for ever. The blessings of this month are transgenerational. The scriptural imagery of the prophetic details you should expect this month is captured in the 3rd and the 4th chapters of the book of Joshua.

arch, 2011 is a month of transition and removal of reproach. It is a month determined by God to move you to the next level of glory manifestation. This month will leave a monumental mark in your life, a memorial of joy and fulfillment.

1. COMMANDED TO OBSERVE AND FOLLOW:(3:3-4) For three days, the officers of the people were busy preparing the people. The instruction was that the people should watch the Ark, the Priests and the Levites and follow after them. 2000 cubits space was to be between the people and the Ark so that they can clearly see the direction to follow. Whom and what you follow this month will determine the kind of transition you will experience.
2. COMMANDED TO BE SANCTIFIED: (3:5) The preparation of sanctification preceded the release of divine wonders. Your spiritual condition will determine your glory encounter. Divine wonders don’t manifest in a messy life or situation. Holiness will provoke heaven to work out your memorable transition to the next level.
3. COMMANDED TO KNOW GOD’S WORD:(3:9) Understanding of divine revelation is a prelude to experiencing divinely orchestrated emancipation and transformation. You need Rhema of God to enjoy wonders from God. From this month, you must commit yourself to the study and the revelation of the word of God. All God will do is in His word. His word is set to change your world. You must become addicted to the study of the word of God. Let this month mark the beginning of a positive change of attitude toward the word of God
4. COMMANDED TO BE FULLY REPRESENTED: (4:1-3) The instruction was that each tribe of Israel should be duly represented. Twelve(12) men were to stand for the twelve tribes of Israel and each should take a stone from under the feet of the Priest from Jordan. There are orders to follow and the orders are orderly arranged. One of the reasons why we don’t fully enjoy His blessings is because we don’t recognize order and authority as placed by God. You must follow those who stand before God on your behalf because they represent you before God.
5. COMMANDED TO SET A MEMORIAL ( 4:5-9). The twelve stones taken from Jordan were set up as memento and monument – a transgenerational testimony to the miracle of transition and removal of reproach. This month of March, you will experience a radical divine encounter that will be transgenerationally monumental.

I decree that you shall take a significant thing out of this month that will stand forever – as a memorial and memento of wonders. This month, you shall have a clean passage (4:1). At the end of this month, you shall land in “Gilgal” and your testimony shall be summarized as Joshua 5;9. “And the Lord said to Joshua, this day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you. Wherefore the name of the place is called Gilgal unto this day”.



This is April, the fourth month – the month of the “fourth dimension”. This month is prophetically declared the month of glorious manifestation. It is a month of motion in the positive direction and dimension. It is also the month of actualizations of the divine intent. The divine energy shall converge towards you to bring you into the limelight. Two passages of the scriptures will give us the prophetic navigating tools for the month and they are strategically taken from both testaments – Isaiah 60: 1-7 and Matthew 28:1-10

Isa 60: 1-7 presents the glory of the church in the abundant access of the gentiles. It is a very powerful prophetic passage in the Old Testament and it is a major key to unlocking the prophetic provision for this month. This passage expressly speaks to you in a direct, personal and powerful way. The imperatives and the deductive in the passages include the following:

1 ARISE AND SHINE – this is an imperative and not a suggestion. This month is a month of divine – human collaboration. To arise is to get up. You carry great and might divine potentials that can only manifest when you get up and get going. You must come out of your cocoon and hidden place and come out into the limelight. You are to display what you carry by shinning. “For the earnest expectations of the creatures is the manifestation of the sons of God” (Rom 8:19).

2 YOUR LIGHT AND YOUR GLORY – You are the light of the world. You are a light carrier because you carry the divine glory. You are a city that is set on a hill that cannot be hidden. Your glory shall beam out your light this month. The glory of God shall arise upon you. You must understand that your glory is (i) contagious because the gentile (those down) shall be positively affected, and it is attractive and magnetic because the Kings (those that are up) shall also come to its bright rising. It is also (ii) “converting”. It will convert enlargement, abundance, forces, provision, protection, trade gains, etc unto you.

Again is the great resurrection passage of Matthew in the New Testament Mt 28: 1-10 giving you clue to living and glorious manifestation this month.
The drama of resurrection is an affirmation of the authenticity of God’s authority over all things. The empty tomb is clear evidence that God is always in charge. Your connection with the risen Lord makes you the right recipient to the right to gloriously manifest this month.
No matter what you may be passing through, the severity of your situation or the definition of your problems, an encounter with the risen Lord is the answer to all seemingly unsolvable questions your problem may be posing. The Lord says I should tell the following divine truth as you get set for the glory manifestation this month:
 Matthew 28:1 – “In the end of the Sabbath…” Do you know that the season of silence and inward groaning will come to an end? Every Sabbath has an end. Your period of inactiveness, hibernation and frustration will give way for to divine encounter, demonstration and lifting. There is going to be a release (an order) from heaven for your release. The story of your life will change for the best and the dawn of the era of joy, victory and lifting is already by your door. A new day will come with new “doings”, for God is sending a force from heaven to enforce His counsel in your life.
 Matthew 28:2 – “Behold…the angel…rolled back the stone from the door and sat upon it.” What the Lord is about to do in your life will be made visibly clear, a manifestation that every one can behold. God is launching you into a strategic realm of tangible manifestation. You are coming under the influence of divine favor and mercy. God’s grace will be seen in you. God is about to do a thing in your life that may not fit into the test tube of reason, actions that human vocabulary may not be able to fathom or define. There will be a shaking off, a rolling back for a going forth and a total destruction of every obstruction to your progress and fulfillment in life. Power will descend on you from the throne of God propelling you into the season of actualization of your dream and divine destiny. God will discharge you from all evil prison of limitation and failure and He will give you a prophetic charge from today to be in charge. From today, nothing can hold you back again from being fulfilled and gloriously manifesting.
 Matthew 28:5 – “…Fear not…” What a reassurance that all things are now settled! The pain is gone so the panic has vanished. Instead of being fearful you should be frenetic for all your flagitious enemies are silenced for ever. As a child of God you must not be diffident, you must know your position in Christ. The power of resurrection has positioned you in a place of perpetual victory. You must never be afraid again. There are 366 “fear not” in the Bible and they are meant for you each day of the year. It is well with your soul. Be launched into your season of fulfillment and victory from today! God has given you the right to manifest, and through the power of resurrection given a final blow to the devil regarding you and your destiny. You have a clear and unchallengeable mandate to pull off the darkness and gallantly match into your glory.

1) Lord I thank you for what you have done for me in the death and resurrection of Christ.
2) I connect myself to the power of resurrection now in Jesus name.
3) I confess that it is not over for my life, for I have a divine destiny to fulfill in Christ and a divine backing to accomplish it.
4) I destroy every insurrection of hell against my life in Jesus name.
5) I connect myself to all the divine decree for the saint in Christ Jesus.
6) I confess every detailed agent of darkness release to make sure I don’t fulfill my destiny to be destroyed in Jesus name.
7) Every evil throne and altar of darkness erected against me should be destroyed in Jesus name.
8) I command divine terror, dread and wrath to fall on all the enemies of my soul in Jesus name.
9) Lord, take full charge of my situation in Jesus name.
10) I receive the anointing to fully manifest in Jesus name.



“But it was to us that God made known His secret by means of His Spirit. The spirit searches everything, even the hidden depths of God’s purposes” (I Cor. 2:10). There are things that are freely given to us by God and it is a great thing to know God’s mind and His agenda through the revelation and the illumination of His Spirit.

Numerically speaking, 2011 presents a numerical idea of extra or surplus. Strategically, 2011 stands out as a gateway, ushering us into the beginning of another decade. 2011 is a spiritual door into our superabundance provision and experience. In God’s agenda for the Saints in this year, there shall be great supplies in surplus. This year shall be a panoramic manifestation of abundance in all spheres of life. There shall be a connection and a spiritual link (navel) that shall catapult you suddenly into relevance, and bounty and booty. God is bringing the rain of surplus and supra-abundance.

The prophetic key for navigating the year into success is embedded in the prophetic and didactic declaration of Paul in II Cor. 9:8-15. “And God is able to give you more than you need, so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause. As the scripture says: “He gives generously to the needy, His kindness lasts for ever.” And God who supplies seed to sow and bread to eat, will also supply you with all the seed you need and will make it grow and produce a rich harvest from your generosity. He will always make you rich enough to be generous at all times, so that many will thank God for your gifts which they received from you…… And so, with deep affection they will pray for you because of the extraordinary grace God has shown you. LET US THANK GOD FOR HIS PRICELESS GIFT” (GOOD NEWS).

It is the understanding of the revelation that you have as a result of the Spirit’s illumination that will bring the desired and expected manifestation of the provisions of that revelation. “2011 IS MY YEAR OF ABUNDANCE”. To access the provisions of this revelation, you must key into the provision of it as stated in the navigating passage above. Some prophetic elements in this passage that will open to you, the floodgates of abundance include the following faith facts:-

1) THE MYSTERY OF THE CONJUNCTIONS – In this navigating passage containing eight(8) verses, four(4) of the eight(8) verses begins with the conjunction “AND”. It is grammatically unusual that a sentence will begin with conjunction but this passage present a symmetrical prophetic arrangement of “ANDS” beginning four(4) of the eight(8) verses in a very strategic weaving. Conjunctions are indicators of connections and transitions. In this year, you will witness and experience God’s orchestrated and arranged connection that will enhance and effect your transition into supra-abundance. Heaven is set to link you with your destiny partners. Eight (8) is a covenant number when a covenant child is initiated into his/her divine destiny package. 4 is a number of the divine help and presence. As the three (3) Hebrew youths witnessed the manifestation of the “fourth dimension” in the burning bush resulting in the radical overturning of the law of nature to their favor – what seems too much and impossible will be enabled for you so that you can enjoy God’s abundance.

2) THE DIVINE ABILITY: Your attention is drawn to God’s capacity and ability to deliver to you your full destiny. Don’t rely on your “technocracy’, or ability – the supply is coming from the All Sufficient God who again gives grace to abound in abundance. There is going to be the direction of grace to abound in abundance towards you. This grace is coming towards you this year.

3) TWO DIMENSIONAL SUPPLIES: The Pauline declaration here is two dimensional. I consider this as the “upper and the
lower springs” of prosperity. There is the “Sufficiency” and the “Surplusity”. One is “self contained” and the other is
“Provocatively contagious”. The realm of abundance is far beyond sufficiency – what is coming to you and on you will affect you and everything about and around you positively and permanently. You shall move from lack to sufficiency and from sufficiency to surplusity – this is why this year is strategically panoramic.

4) PROVOKING THE SUPPLY OF SURPLUS BY SOWING: The prophetic key to experience this abundance is the recognition of the mystery of seed and sowing. For heaven to unleash surplus on you, you must become addicted to the prophetic principle of seed sowing.

As you connect into this revelation through the application of the understanding of these four(4) prophetic elements in this passage, you will experience 2011 AS “YOUR YEAR OF ABUNDANCE”.


II CHRON.29:1-36

January is a very strategic month in the prophetic scheme of the year 2011. It is the standing we prophetically establish that will determine how far we shall journey into the provision of abundance that this year carries. As it has already been declared that 2011 shall be a year of our ABUNDANCE in order of the revelation in II Cor. 9:8. So, the revelation in II Chron. 29:1-36 gives us four(4) dimensional entry keys into that abundance. II Cor. 9:8-15 presents four(4) prophetic elements and so II Chron. 29: 1-36 equally presents four(4) prophetic preparatory keys that will help you access the abundance.

This month of January, we are following the prophetic instruction packaged in the Chronicle’s passage and the first sixteen(16) days of the first month shall be dedicated to our preparation for the flood of all-round divinely orchestrated abundance on our congregation. Even more than the visitation of God in the days of Hezekiah the King as chronicled in this passage, we shall witness a visitation that will leave us positively amazed and astonished. The four keys of our preparation as indicated in the passage (II Chron. 29: 1-36) include the following:-

1. SELECTIONS: You are God’s choice, and a creature of divine destiny. You need an awareness of your divine election in order to be rightly positioned for divine touch and also for divine function. That you crossed over to 2011 is an indication that you have something to experience from God and contribute to His Kingdom. The presentation of the selections in this passage is strategically panoramic. Hezekiah’s selection and prophetic function opens the narrative. The anointing must always flow from the head. Hezekiah reminded the spiritual head of their selection and function (II Chron. 29:11). Observe the order of the reason for the selection – To stand before God and then secondly, to serve Him. “Standing” precedes the service. You can not function rightly unless you are first fashioned rightly. Serving without rightly standing will only result in scattering.

The message of Hezekiah provoked the Levites and the Priest to arise (vs. 12). You can’t aspire if you are not inspired.

2. SANCTIFICATION/CONSECREATION: Sanctification began with revelation. You will contact a revolutionary and transformational revelation this month of January that will set you right to receive from God. Hezekiah connected with God. The Levitical Spiritual Conflagration began with fourteen (14) chosen men who succeeded in influencing the rest of the Levites. The priests by ordination proceeded into the innermost part of the temple for this great spiritual environmental sanitation. The Levites in agreement with the Priests carried the rubbish away for destruction. In that sanctification exercise, we see the complimentary functions of all involved. There cannot be a divine visitation unless consecration and sanctification comes first. Note that the sanctification involves the people, Altar and the showbread table. The sanctification that will last must draw you closer to the altar of prayer, service and searching of the scriptures.

3. SACRIFICES: This is a major element and principle necessary for you to enjoy the divine provisions this year. The concept of sacrifice is a recurrent idea and the constant denominator of what will key you into what God wants to do this year. Hezekiah led the train of those with various sacrificial offerings. The King in a representational manner presents four(4) different kinds of animals, seven(7) each for sacrifice The people also brought a total of three hundred and seventy(370) animals for temple sacrifice and three thousand, six hundred (3,600) sacrificial animal that can be eaten by the people. We must start this year by making a worthy sacrifice unto the Lord to open the floodgate of abundance unto us.

4. CELEBRATION: There is a call to worship and celebrate God’s goodness with all instruments of music (vs. 25-30). Praises will release the grace of abundance and favor on you in an unprecedented way. Jubilation and celebration in God’s presence is a major key that will attract abundance to you this year. Your testimony will be in tandem with that of Israel in the days of Hezekiah according to this passage that:
“The …… offerings were in abundance…… the service of the house of the Lord was set in order. And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly.” (vs. 35-36).




The year 2011 is now unfolding, and what follows the January’s preparation is the great outpouring of the anointing that marks this year. This month of February ushers in the unmasking of the blessings of the year 2011, and it is the right time for you to fully key into the divine flood that is positively coming like divinely orchestrated tsunamis that will transit you into your glory.
This month, on your calendar is short by one day but anointing that this month carries is heavier than the number of days in it. There is a locomotive anointing coming upon you to accelerate you into your destiny. The prophetic navigating passage that will usher us into the provision of this season is I Kings 18: 41-46 “And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain. So, Ahab went up to eat and to drink. And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel; and he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees. And said to his servant, Go up now, look toward the sea. And he went up, and looked, and said, There is nothing. And he said, Go again seven times. And it came to pass at the seventh times, that he said, Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a man’s hand. And he said, Go up, say unto Ahab, Prepare thy chariot, and get thee down, that the rain stop thee not. And it came to pass in the mean while, that the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain. And Ahab rode, and went to Jezreel. And the hand of the LORD was on Elijah, and he girded up his loins, and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel”.

The preceding verses narrate the encounter of Elijah with the Prophets of Baal of Mt. Carmel. The resultant conclusion of the defeat of the Baal Prophets was the mass massacre for the cleansing of the land. January was so declared as our Month of Preparation, a typology and replication of the Carmel’s Encounter. We have repaired the broken altar, regathered the people, reinitiated the spiritual exercises and received fresh fire. The capacity is already built for the special abilities to be received.

Faith separates “sight” from “vision”. It is possible to have sight but have no vision. The sound of the abundance that Elijah was talking about is not the one that can be decoded by human ear drum. When heaven rolls out abundant provision, it takes the ear of faith to hear its sound and the eyes of faith to connect with its vision. If you are truly connected with the “sound of abundance”, and you are in high expectation of what heaven holds, then you must demonstrate this in your:-
i) Uprising:- “Get thee up”. To enjoy what February holds, you must not be down casted but rather be ”Up”.
ii) Celebration:- “eat and drink”. Even with the draught at its peak and no physical sign of rain, the command to the King was to start to celebrate in anticipation of the rain of abundance. This month, if you want to have the rain of abundance and receive the overtaking anointing, you must begin to celebrate to provoke the release of the rain.

After the prophetic declaration of Elijah, he resigned to the Prayer Chamber to “brood”, incubate and provoke the release of the outpouring. See his desperation in his prayer posture – the face between the kneels. Your prayer desperation will provoke a great release for you this month.

The command was given to the young Prophet in training to go censor the cloud by looking towards the sea. After the blasting, desperate prayer of the Prophet, the report from the sea was “no signal”. For the young Prophet to connect, he had to repeat the same class seven(7) times. The eventual result was weak pass, “let my people go certificate”. After seven(7) times, his report was the sight of a little cloud like a man’s hand. I decree sharpness of sight and full network for you to access your blessings of abundance. You have no need to rotate the same place for seven(7) times before you are connected. Be alive and alert for the rain is coming rushing towards you.

You are taking a journey to Jezreel, for the rain of abundance is seen chasing you. The cloud over you is already heavy and black thick – The downpour will cause you uprising into fame and victory. The anointing was too much on Elijah, that when he got up he outran the Kind who was already ahead riding. The one with the outrunning anointing is the one ruling over the situation. I command the anointing to outrun the riders to come on you now!


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This month of February is a special month in God’s prophetic calendar for the saints, for in it there shall be an unusual manifestation of favor. It is therefore very important that you get connected with the anointing that is upon this month. Favor will bring you divine, friendly regard. Favor will situate you where you can enjoy divine support and supply. Through favor, God takes His children beyond themselves. What you cannot on your own, by yourself accomplish is enabled by the favor of God upon you.
There is an experience you will be having by the special prophetic encounter you will have this month which will cause great manifestation of positive elements in and around you. There are certain things ( elements ) that combined together to display favor. The scriptures gives the x – ray of the revelation and manifestation of divine favor. We are doing scriptural exploration of favor to cause a stir of its grace in our spirit man, for there is the “brooding” of favor already over this month.
1. Favor is a special divine design that will effect the defeat of your enemies. “ By this I know that you are well pleased with me, because my enemy does not triumph over me “. Ps 41: 11. One of the many manifestation of favor in the believer’s life is his victory over all his enemies. The favor of God this month will cause your enemies to come bending before you. The greatest and most dangerous group of enemies are the unfriendly friends ( Ps 41: 9 ), but favor with God will raise you up above and against them ( Ps 41:10 ).
2. Favor is a shield and spiritual covering for those connected to it. Ps. 5:12 “ For you, o lord, will bless the righteous, with favor you will surround him as with a shield”. One great dimension of favor is its protective power. Favor is a protection. This month, by the favor of God, you are insulated against attacks and misfortune because you are surrounded with favor as a shield. You are shielded against Satan and his cohort.
3. Favor brings promotion and significant exaltation. Your level will change when you are in contact with God’s favor. Heaven will shift you from the shadow and make you the champion. Your season of lifting is now, for you shall be greatly exalted. Ps 89:17 “ for you are the glory of their strength, and in your favor our horn is exalted.” Favor will fashion you for blessings and promotion. This season you are in, you shall be celebrated. I decree your “horn” to be greatly exalted in Jesus name.
4. What provoke favor into action is mercy and truth. If you don’t abide in the truth you can not be favored. Unless mercy is unleashed on you, favor will never manifest. Prov 3:3 – 4 says “Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: Bind them about thy neck: write them upon the table of thine heart: so shall thou find favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man”. Mercy has a reciprocating anointing. The mercy you show to others will provoke divine mercy to come upon you. The season you are now is the season you must show exceptional mercy to all people around you. If you embrace and release mercy, favor will embrace you.
5. Favor is produced by good understanding. It is the understanding you have that will give you a right standing before God and man. Knowledge is power, understanding is strength and wisdom is knowledge and understanding well applied. A man of understanding and wisdom will be greatly favored. In all your seeking this month, please seek understanding and wisdom for they shall produce favor for you. Prov. 13 :15 says “ Good understanding giveth favor: but the way of transgressors is hard”. This good understanding can also be translated “ good sense”. This kind of understanding comes through the impartation of the Holy Spirit. This month, the lord shall anoint you with good understanding that will give you a favored position both with God and men.
6. Favor brings peaceful refreshment. Heaven want to refresh your soul this month. The refreshment of God sooths and calms us like the dew upon the grass. Prov, 19:12 “The king’s wrath is as the roaring of a lion; but his favor is as dew upon the grass”. There is a special, divinely ordered soothing and refreshment that will come upon your life this month. I command the favor of God to come powerfully upon you like dew upon the grass. It shall come with cooling, soothing, calming and nourishment needed for your freshness and systematic, consistent growth in Jesus name.
7. Favor brings preference and connect helpful people with you. One of the marks of favor is that it will make you to be preferred to others. Favor will create space of honor for you anywhere you get to. Helpful people will be connected to you. It was favor that connected Esther with Mordecai. What existed between them was engineered by favor and not just family connection. Mordecai was moved by favor to promote, mentor and support Esther. This month, God will raise Mordecai kind of people for you to ensure you are fully fulfilled. Esther 2:15-17. “Now when the turn of Esther, the daughter of Abihail, the uncle of Mordecai, who had taken her for his daughter, was come to go in unto the king, she required nothing but what Hegai the king’s chamberlain, the keeper of the women, appointed. And Esther Obtained favor in the sight of all them that looked upon her …. And the king loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgin; so that he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her queen instead of Vashti”. I decree by the anointing of God, that this month, your turn shall come. I say it shall be your turn. With little that you have you shall be moved into unusual greatness. I decree that anyone that sees you will favor you. Your sight shall attract help and promotion. There shall be automation of success for you, for favor will embrace you. I decree by the anointing backing the revelation of this issue of the prophetic voice that YOU SHALL BE FAVORED ALL ROUND IN JESUS NAME!

Introduction:- Ezekiel, the priest - prophet in this chapter had a dramatic encounter with God, a record of which we want to carefully examine in the light of our contemporary situation. The chapter can be described as a prophetic excursion that reaffirms the fact that with God nothing is impossible and there is no right off or hopeless situation. As we wait on God for a radical revival, let’s be guided by the prophetic, panoramic principles set forth in this great chapter.
Discover to Recover:- Vs. 1 “The hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the Spirit of the Lord …” The prophetic restoration in this chapter of the Bible begins with a revelation and that is the first principle to experiencing revival or a positive change in life. If a situation will change, the change will start with a new vision. Revelation precedes liberation and restoration. God gave Ezekiel a prophetic projection of the divine intension for the house of Israel. In life, if you don’t discover you can not recover. A true and holistic discovery must begin with epistemological humility, an admission of the fact that what you know is far less than what you don’t know. This vision shown to Ezekiel, I belief must be beyond his human imagination. There are so many things you don’t know about what you are going through unless God reveals them to you. As human being, you are limited to the existential realities around you but God can unveil the metaphysical truth that are beyond you to you. There are things you don’t know and you know that you don’t know them, but greater ignorance is in things you don’t know and you don’t even know that you don’t know them. You need a connection and prophetic excursion with the Holy Spirit like Ezekiel to be able to have a broader and clearer perspective of life. May the hands of the Lord rest on you today to take you beyond yourself.
From The Familiar to the Unfamiliar:- Vs. 1 “ … and carried me out … and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones.” There is no bigger obstacle to having revival or experiencing positive change than the problem of ‘sameness’ or indifference. Exposure brings expansion, so a man that is not positively exposed is caged. When you are exposed you will begin to appreciate new things but a man who have nothing new to appreciate will eventually depreciate. You must pray for a release from the cocoon of indifference you are into. Get familiar with the godly unfamiliar. The emphasis here is the ‘carried out’ of the prophet. Note the word ‘out’, it has a sense of beyond and newness. Ezekiel was taken from where he was to a new place he never dreamt of. God is intending to take you out of somewhere and put you down in a new setting. For your prophetic change to be translated to real testimony, you need a corresponding transition from where you are to where you ought to be.
The Site:- It will interest you to know that there is no way you can fully understand a situation if you don’t understand its attendant connection with its location. There is a connection between where you are and who you are. The description of the blessed man in Psalm one centers first on where he does not walk, stand, or sit - all describing location. You can not fully understand a situation when you do not first investigate the location. The first recorded question God ever asked man borders on location- ‘Adam where are you’. The setting of this vision is as important as the situation described in the revelation that ensued. It was a ‘valley’ setting. This, I must say does not surprise me because after all, God created the place before He created the people . I think David will have to be consulted to better understand the significance of being in a VALLEY. David , in Psalm 23 recounts his valley experience. I must also say that the situation at hand in Ezekiel vision is superlatively different from that of David in Psalm 23. David walked through the valley, but the bones in Ezekiel’s account describes those who could not walk through it. What David experienced or saw was a shadow of death but what Ezekiel saw was REAL DEATH and not a shadow. All the same David has helped us to discover that valley is a picture of danger and evil and this was where God led Ezekiel the prophet into. Where are you now? May be in the valley, but wait , all hope is not loss for there is hope even for the obituary .
The Situation:- Vs 2 “… there were many in the open valley; and lo, they were very dry” The emphasis here is on the population of those involved and the propensity of the problem at hand. Can you imagine seeing in a dream very many human dried bones, I guess you will simply force to wake up from such dream. What Ezekiel saw was terribly ugly, and from the human point of view HOPELESSNESS IN CAPITAL LETTERS. The valley was full of decayed, disintegrated, and widely dispersed human bones . When human dead body is left unburied in the open, the site of it must be terrible. The prophet was given a full picture of the valley by making him to move all around the place. There is a need for a clear understanding of what is going on before a solution can be sort for. A problem you do not understand well you can not deal well with. Someone said ‘Jesus is the answer’, and someone asked him ‘what is the question?’ The issue is that we seem to have many answers when we do not even understand the questions. Ezekiel had a clear picture of the situation. May the Lord open your eyes to understand the situation you are in, and may He empower you to deal with it with His anointing.
The questions:- Vs. 3 “… can these bones live? …” what a multi million Dollars’ question? The Immortal was asking the mortal if the rotten, stinking, disintegrated and widely dispersed human bones could come back to life. Ezekiel, I believe, was still grappling with the shock of the site when the unexpected question came. The question was too much for the prophet and his response was simply an expression of epistemological humility. Ezekiel’s response that only God knows is a recognition of God’s sovereignty and omnipotence. You need to allow God to take the lead and show the way.
The solution:-:- If you allow God to show the way, you will see tremendous and great results. We need to observe the process of the recovery and restoration in this passage.
 Divine – Human Collaboration:- We must not loose the sight of the fact that Ezekiel was divinely assigned a role in the process of the recovery. He was the mouth - piece of God who was doing the commanding. In this project of your total emancipation and full restoration, you have an active role to play. God has anointed you to take charge and to do exploit in life.
 Divine backing:- You must be aware than you are not going in your own strength or ability, there must be a divine decree backing you. Going all out without God will spell a doom but following divine order will bring victory and testimony. Ezekiel was acting on specific divine instructions. He was not speaking his own words but that which he received from God. You need a specific, divinely directed word and mandate from God on what you are currently going through. No one can decrease what God decrees.
 The Shakings, trembling, and rattling:- At the voice of the anointed man of God, there was an aggressive demonstration and reactions on the scattered bones. Sometimes when God set into our situation, there may be the initial shakings, trembling and the rattling. The shaking is for your making. It is a response to the order of restoration and not a signal of destruction. You need to differentiate the shakings engineered by God from the tearing organized by the devil.
 Bone to its bone:- The concept of ‘fitly joined together’ captured in Eph.4:16 can best be appreciated in the wonders of human skeleton. God brought bone to its bone in the process of restoration in this passage. Can you imagine if the bones were wrongly fitted, the site would have been very ugly . Many of us need a reordering of our lives because bones are not to the right bones in our lives. Some are suffering from what I call orderly disorder and they need an urgent reordering of their lives.
 Sinew, flesh, and skin:- As wonderful as the human skeleton is, without flesh it may be very frightening. The beauty of life is better seen through the addition of flesh and skin to the human body. You need the sinew, flesh and skin in your life. You need the beauty of the Lord in your life for you to attract success and breakthrough.
 Breath/spirit:- The peak of the dramatic, prophetic, spirito-surgical operation at this valley was the coming of the Spirit upon the fresh but lifeless bodies. No matter how fresh and well looking dead body may be, it is still as useless as rotten bone. What some of us need is the coming of the Spirit of God into our lives. It is one thing to be existing and another to be living, just as being well is not the same as well being. You must not just be existing, you must start living and fulfilling your destiny in Christ. You can only do this by the power of the Spirit. You can not stand up unless you are lifted up by the Spirit of God. What a great thing to discover that the once scattered, shattered, useless dried bones are now ‘A VAST AND EXCEEDING GREAT ARMY’!

We are gloriously processing into one of the most prophetically significant months of the year 2009, the month of June. This month, in the Jewish Calendar is called Sivan (Est.8:9). It is a month of reversal of evil into glorious occupation and actualization of places and things that really matter. This month will mark the beginning of your radical, positive, emancipation from where you have been “Locked up”. All that belong to you for this year which are illegally confiscated and detained shall be released unto you, for a divine decree will cause the release. Acts chapter 12 is the best prophetic description of this month and this is what we are exploring.

HARRASSED AND HECKLED BY HEROD (VS. 1-4):- Trials are designed by the devil to make you tired and tumbled. Opposition usually arises to remove you from your position and disposes you. That you are heckled, harassed and scattered does not mean your hope is shattered. There are “Herods” on the way to your fulfillment who only live to please your enemies and who will want to proceed with greater havoc to finish you. After James was murdered, Peter was arrested and imprisoned without any trial. Sixteen (16), well-armed soldiers were detailed around him to make sure he does not escape death immediately after the Passover feast . There are forces around you trying to destroy your destiny but they shall never succeed in Jesus Name. I can’t imagine 16 soldiers around just one “Harmless man”. The magnitude of your foes is the first prophetic indication of your great destiny in life. That “Herods” are on your way does not mean that you are finished but the beginning of your greater glory.
PRAYER FOR PETER (VS. 5):- The only power that can negate and deflate your enemy’s plan against you is prayer. Intense intercession was made for Peter by the Church. Even when it seemed there was no result, the Church continued to pray for Peter. Your constancy in Prayer will determine your distance in life. Those who throw up and give up from the chamber of prayer can never completely get out of prison of life. This month must be your month of personal, constant supplications and intense intercession for others, for heavens will be moved into action by effectual fervent prayer of some people. You must touch and move heaven by your prayer this month.

BOUND BUT NOT BROKEN (VS. 6):- What an unusual confidence! Peter was not only imprisoned, he was surrounded also by 16 soldiers and double bound with chains. Because of one man (Peter), sixteen other men were forced into prison. In the midst of this great tension, Peter had no hypertension for his attention was on God who specializes in doing the unusual. I can not imagine someone determined by the enemy to be killed and surrounded by executioners but still fast asleep to an extent that the angel needed to “strike” him before he could wake up! What is causing you sleepless night? Why have you given all of your attention to your enemies? Inspite of your prison, the chains and your pains, your soul must find solace and rest in God. This month, you must let go all your tension and embrace the divine attention.

A STANDING BY, SHINING, STRIKING, AND SAYING (VS. 7):- There is a great revelation in that angelic manifestation and intervention. The prophetic fact in the passage is that, all along, Peter was not standing alone, God was with him. There is someone standing by you. This month, the presence of the Lord will powerfully minister to you. Inside the prison was darkness all around Peter but the light of God shone around him. Heaven will disperse your darkness with the glorious light of God’s presence. You will not die in that dark tunnel, for there shall be a positive turn around in your life.
The angel “struck” Peter to wake him up. God may sometimes want to “tap” you to wake you and make you. Some striking may be painful but it is for your greater gain. When God strikes to wake, it’s meant for your deliverance from the Sword of the enemies determined to slaughter you. Where Peter was imprisoned and chained, the “Rhema” from God came to him to release and resettle him. What will unchain you is the word of God (Rhema). This month of June, a word is divinely coming to you that will release, and increase you.

LIKE A DREAM (VS. 8-14):- Everything happened so fast and so dramatic that Peter could not bring himself to understand until after he was far away from his chain and prison. To Peter, all was like a dream. There is an uncommon and unusual testimony God is packaging for you for this month which will come to you like you are dreaming. I love the panoramic, systematic, emancipation of Peter and the strategic stepping into his victory and superlative testimony. He was commanded to:-
1. Arise quickly:- The commands came with urgency.

2. Gird yourself and tie your sandal:- The command required fervency

3. Put on your garment:- The command required sanctity.

4. Follow me:- The command is directional.
All the posts and even the iron gates, with ease opened by their accord. This month will be marked with ease to success and favor in superlative dimension. What you could not achieve since January will come to you with ease and the recitation of Peter in the verse 11 will be your testimony. This month, I decree by God’s word and unction that you shall PASSOVER INTO YOUR VICTORY, DELIVERANCE AND BLESSINGS.


We are entering into a great period and season as the door of August opens with its own prophetic significance. I warmly welcome all of the regular readers of this Baptist prophetic voice into this new prophetic exploration, August is a covenant month that will launch you into the treasures of this year, and the beginning of a radical, positive forward march into the occupation and realization of what truly belong to you.
August, which on the Jewish calendar is month Bul, is a strategic month of perfection of divine promises. There shall be in this month, the “finishing” and “completion” to details of the divine agenda for your life for this particular year.(I Kg. 6:38). Your matter is coming up to God for special attention, for what you have being waiting for, for long is going to be revealed and perfected.

Let me pause my pen and reiterate that for those who believe God’s prophet, they will receive the prophetic reward , for blessed is she/he who believed for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her/him from the Lord.(Lk.1:45).

In God’s prophetic theatre hall, August is X- rayed to be a month of strategic divine visitation. This month, you should expect a visitation from God that will bring your long awaited miracle. The prophetic, scriptural key to understanding the mind of God for this month is the scenario in Gen. Chapter 18.

THE VISITATION:- (Vs.1 ) precisely about 23 years after God first revealed Himself to father Abraham and entered into a contagious covenant of multiplicity with him, He again, in a grand style appeared to him at the exact point of the altar. He first reiterated His detailed plan of increase with him (Gen.13:18). Every divinely orchestrated transformation is first preceded by a definite and radical divine visitation. There shall be a visitation coming your way this month that will result in your complete emancipation and occupation of your divine placement in Christ.

THE LOCATION:- (Vs 1):- Why will God meet with Abraham at that terebinth tree in Hebron ?. The plain of Mamre is a place of the altar. One great opening of miracle is the strategic recognition of a place of the altar. Your service and sacrifices to God this month will bring you things that you are expecting for long. Your divine allocation is in a specific location, and the location for this month is the place of the altar. Connect yourself through service and sacrifice in the house of the Lord.

THE REALISATION:- Vs 2)- There shall be specific and strategic points and seasons this month when your miracle will be ripe for harvest. There shall be situations, occasions and opportunities that will present themselves unto you to tap into for supernatural release into your life. What is critically needed this month is sensitivity to the flow and direction of your miracle. Abraham by revelation knew that the passing visitors were not ordinary and by that singular realization tapped into the supernatural.

THE ACTION:- (Vs.2-8)- The atmosphere for miracle is mostly created by your action of faith. Your confession and actions will release your possession unto you. Notice all the actions of Abraham- he ran to meet them- he prayed (begged) them to stay a little with him – he fed them and gave them more than required – he hastened (vs 6), made ready quickly (vs.6), ran to get a calf (vs 7), hastened to dress it (vs 7). Heaven is waiting for your positive actions, and ministering to the saints to open unto your doors of the abundance. Your service this month must be marked with speed and precision.
THE REVELATION:- (Vs 9-15)- When the angels were refreshed, they in return ministered to Abraham. “Where is Sarah your wife?” God knows where your problems are. Service and sacrifice will make God touch your situation this month even before you ever ask. There is a Rhema coming your way this month that will cause you a BIG LAUGHTER. This is your season to laugh in unbelief for a suprasonic surprise is coming your way that will blow your imagination.

There is one strange things about this particular Abrahamic encounter; the three angels were originally going to Sodom and Gomorrah to destroy it, but the overtaking and double-crossing actions of Abraham drew out blessings from them. Out of the 3 angels going to destroy Sodom, I believe one returned with the case of Abraham, for it was 2 who eventually entered Sodom. Your positive actions of service and sacrifice to God and to His people this month will provoke heaven to unleash blessings upon you. I decree by this month’s prophetic anointing that your long awaited miracle surface in your life.


The end of a things is better than the beginning there of is a strong scriptural assertion. We are already in the order of the end as far as the year 2009 is concern. Heaven is set to offload the prophetic provisions of 2009 on all saints and this month shebat; the 11th month is the season to be connected into the heavenly aids that is soon coming upon the people of God. I can hear the sound of the wind which is bringing the rain.

This eleventh month is a month of agreement and connection that will culminate in receiving God’s ordered aids and rain. There is a prophetic key that will unlock these abundant treasures unto you from the octagonous vision of Prophet Zachariah. “ On the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month, which is the month Shebat, in the second year of Darius, the word of the Lord came to Zechariah the son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo the Prophet:”

This prophetic encounter of Zechariah is all about the fact that God is about to aid the postexilic Israelite in restoring the temple and the cities. It is a strategic message of comfort, assurance and care to a people who have been waiting a long time for restoration and prosperity.

You need to key yourself into this eight dimensional vision of prophet Zechariah. I see heaven visiting you this month with an all round prophetic encounter. The visions of this prophet present you with 8 major areas you should expect divine aids this month.

1. Man and horses among the myrtle trees (1:8):- This description is in tandem with the message of 1:14, 16, 17 which echoes the strong divine readiness to show mercy to Jerusalem. You are bound to receive mercy of God this month. You shall be helped and comforted in this month of November.

2. Four horns and four craftsmen (1:18-20):- Is a Spiritual description of a physical situation of Judah. The principle is that the spiritual controls the physical. The spiritual forces scattering and worrying you shall be vanquished and destroyed this month (vs.21).

3. Man with the Measuring line(2:1):- Signifying the institution of protective wall of fire around you from this month (2:3-5). The Lord shall ensure your protection and shall be the glory in the midst of you.

4. Cleansing of Joshua (3:4) – As the high priest was purified, the Lord will visit you in holiness this month. He will flush out your faith and cover you with rich robe (vs.4). God is setting you apart for holy use.

5. Golden Lampstand and Olive trees (4:2-3):- There shall be an empowerment of the Holy Spirit in an unusual way this month. You shall be specially empowered for great exploit. Holy Spirit will give you special ability that will transcend your natural capacity. 4:6 says “… not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord of hosts”.

6. Flying Scroll (5:1):- There is a divine caution in the midst of the message of comfort and divine aids. There shall be a divine judgment on perjury and dishonesty. Who have stolen from you or from God shall be visited this month. Any attempt to cheat you shall be met with divine wrath and judgement this month.

7. Woman in the Basket (5:6-7):- This is a pictorial revelation of wickedness. Heaven will fight all forms of wickedness in your life this month shebat. I command all manifestation of wickedness in your life destroyed by Holy Ghost fire!

8. Four Chariots (6:1):- There shall be a divine global visitation of judgment. Nations and leaders practicing wickedness and dishonesty shall be visited this month.

As heaven bring aids and judgment, I decree by anointing that you shall be connected with the treasures of grace and aids that will bring you your long awaited supernatural blessings this month, the eleventh month!


The year 2009 is indeed a prophetically loaded year and as this year draws to an end, sees cloud gathering for a heavy down pour. There shall be a combined rain of both the earlier and the latter grace and anointing. Everything declared as your divine portion which is yet to be made manifest are warming up and rushing towards you like tsunami. There is an overtaking anointing coming towards your direction. This last month of the year is your month for the harvest, for nothing spoken into your life destined to produce fruit will go without fulfillment this year. December is heavily loaded and you need to begin to enlarge your territory and create more space for what is coming your way. This month of December shall be used by God to create the platform for 2010 prophetic visitation.

The prophetic provision for this month is better captured from 1Chronicle 12. This month, the “Davidic anointing” will locate everyone that is connected to the prophetic release of the year 2009. Heaven is making a move to celebrate you in a grand style and honor you with a position suitable for your great divine destiny.

1 Chronicle 12:1 “ Now these are they that come to David to Ziglag while he yet kept himself close because of Saul the son of Kish: and they were among the mighty men, helpers of the war”

1 Chronicle 12:22 “ For at that time day by day there came to David to help him, until it was a great host, like the host of God”

1 Chronicle 12: 38 “All these men of war that could keep rank, came with a perfect heart to Hebron, to make David king over all Israel and all the rest also of Israel were of one heart to make David king”

This month, as declared by God, is your month of convocation for coronation. There is an high and honored place of glory you are going to occupy and heaven is summoning men and women of rank around you to support and celebrate you as God did for David. There is a prophetic in-gathering from Ziglag (wilderness) and leading to Hebron, the place of coronation.

Where you are now is not where you are destined to finally be. Ziglag is a hide-out but heaven will move you to Hebron, a place of showing forth, a place of honor and recognition. David was hiding from Saul, the cloud around his reign and recognition. In his hide-out, heaven found him out and gathered around him knitted hearts ready to lay down their lives for the destiny of David to be fulfilled. David contingent are men of valor, skilled and trained for battle. They are ambidextrous men, ready to crush anything that may want to stand on their way to glory. It was a gathering of names and ranks from far and near.

One fascinating thing about the description is the fact that those afar provided troop more than those near like the Trans - Jordan tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh that provided 120,000 fighting men. In this month, helpers will come your way even from a far and they will help you beyond your imagination and dream. Of a special rank are the men of Issachar who are not just fighters but strategists. God will surround you with men of vision and direction.

The build up of the army in verse 22 is in geometric, panoramic progression. It was an ever-increasing help that kept expanding until it has an heavenly look. The description of its proportion is celestially captured to be like the host of God. December is your month of accumulative honor and help. This month, you shall be greatly celebrated. What started in the wilderness of Ziglag ended in the city of Hebron where David was coronate as the king over all Israel. Men that could keep rank gathered together with a knitted and perfect heart to celebrate David as king. The party of the coronation lasted for more than 72 hours. You shall be celebrated in a grand style this month of December, for God shall summon men and women of rank to help you and celebrate you. I see a gathering of support and help around you, building up panoramically and supra-geometrically until it become like the host of heaven.

“The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace saith the Lord of hosts” Hag. 2:9
I want to warmly welcome you to the year 2010 which is a more loaded year compared to the previous one. This year 2010 marks the end of a prophetic dispensation and again introduces another. It is a transitional season that is divinely intended to connect the people of God with their GREATER GLORY. The prophetic provisions in this year are unprecedented in the package of any year in this decade. This is the end of the first decade in this very significant Millennium and the end of a thing must surely be better than the beginning thereof according to the scriptures. 2010 come with a DOUBLE PORTION anointing and grace.

The prophetic key to unlocking the divine provision of this year is clearly captured in the prophetic records of Haggai. Prophet Haggai was a pioneer prophet who first ministered to the exiles after they had returned to Palestine around 521 B.C. He ministered to a “directionless” and “dispirited” people to get up and get “doing” and “going” with the assurance of glory restoration. Haggai ministered for only 5 months (August to December of 520 B.C). Regarding the spiritual nature of 2010 and the divine agenda for the year, you need to have a clear understanding of the following revelations and prophetic admonitions:-

1. Haggai’s prophecy is dated around Darius, the Babylonian King who ordered the rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple. EVERY INTERDICT THAT CONTRADICTS THE DIVINE PURPOSE FOR YOU SHALL BE FORCEFULLY REMOVED. There is going to be a move this year to effect your full restoration. God will surprise you by raising even those considered antagonist to help, promote, and celebrate you. Those who matters around you will attend speedily to your matter and enforce your full restoration to your place of glory and honor. Those you even consider “outcasts” shall join in ensuring your lifting and promotion.

2. There are double dimensional oppositions you are to fight this year to be able to get to that lofty position reserved for you. There are the external negative forces around that will not want you to fulfill your great destiny (Ezra 4:1-2) and the most terrible internal (personal) enemy- your egocentrism that will want to prevent you from arising into greater glory. The most serious of the destiny stopper we are to fight this year is our self centeredness (Hagg. 1:2-4).

The greatest key to our greater glory this year is our call to greater service. The instruction from God that will unleash blessings on us this year is like the prophetic order of Elijah to the Zarephath widow “….fear not…… make me thereof little cake first and bring it unto me, and after make for thee and for thy son” (I Kg. 17: 13). You must put God first in all your plans and agenda. You must give Him the best choice and supply. We must rally around all of the Church projects this year, contribute our best and give what we can really feel. Service and giving are the major keys that will bring us unto our GREATER GLORY.

3. This year must be your time to be determined to work with the Lord. “Yet now be strong, o Zerubbabel, o Joshua, son of Josedech , the high priest; and be strong, all ye people of the land, saith the Lord, and work: for I am with you, saith the Lord of hosts:” The Hebrew word “Chazaq” translated “be strong” is a military word and it means to be obdurate or to be bound fast, hold fast or courageous. Courage is what is needed as you work and wait for the manifestation of His glory in your life. You need to be strong for there is no progression without aggression.

2010 is a year to be ready for work, for the Lord will stir up the spirit of His children to go and do His work (Hagg. 1:14).

4. 2010 is a year of major global divine shakings. “ For thus saith the Lord of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nation shall come: and I will
fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts” Hagg. 2:6-7. This year will 0witness some political and economical shakings orchestrated by God. Certain divine interventions shall be seen that will effect restoration of glory in nations and kingdoms. There shall be some reordering that only God will effect. The shaking is intended to get rid of the shakable so that the unshakeable could stay (Heb. 12:27)


How can a horrible terrible negative situation be turned around to become positive and admirable one? What are some of the divine principles to turn our negative situation around for the best? We shall textually explore II kings 6 and 7 to identify the timeless radical revolutionary ideas that will help us unlock the hidden virtues and potential in us which can accelerate our breakthrough, and catapult us to the level God wants us to attain. We shall take a retrospective excursion to (Samaria) the capital of Israel in the days of Elisha the prophet and see how power of God can turn negative situation to positive one.

The Shakings are for your makings:- One of the problems we have is getting the right definition of our situation, and understanding what we are passing through. Sometimes we wrongly conclude that every negative situation we go through are meant for our destruction, but the truth of the matter is that some shakings are for our makings. Jesus’ comment on the man who was born blind, that his situation was meant to glorify God was not only a misnomer but also a big challenge to the popular world view of his day. Jesus is by this comment bringing a new perspective to the way we see situation and interpret events. Some seemingly negative situations are meant to accelerate our progress. Some of the challenges you are going through rather position you well to receive the supernatural touch of God. Your current problem makes you the right specimen for miracle. Let’s get down to Samaria to X-ray the situation and the intervention.

Besieged but not Deceased:- Samaria was besieged by the Syrian army, the resources from the outside seized, and the movement of the people curtailed. The intention of the enemy was not only to limit the people but to also psychologically suffocate them and reduce them to less than nothing. The Samaritans were surrounded but they never surrendered. You can not know all you are capable of doing until you are squeezed beyond your limit. Hunger and sufferings in Samaria revealed the cannibalism in some people, some mothers, in order to survive went as far as eating their own babies. It is problem that can separate disciples from the multitude. Values and morals are better revealed in problem situations.

Why this and why me?:- In the midst of problems, actions are taken and questions are asked. The questions of why becomes very prominent as people try to understand what is going on with them. One important thing about the Samaria situation is the fact that the problem was not linked to any particular sin of Israel. It was not that they sinned against the Lord that they were besieged. The question of sin is out. There are things you go through that are not as a result of some sins committed. It is good that we ask questions in our problem situation but is better we wait for divine answers to those questions also.

Intervention by Information:- If there will be a release there must first be a decree. Right information is a prelude to transformation. The first verse of the chapter seven introduces a radical transition by an authoritative declaration of the prophet. “Thus says the Lord” is the key to unlocking the transition and the transformation. It doesn’t matter what others says, including your reasoning, what matters most is what the Lord says. What you are saying, what friends are saying, what doctors and scientist are saying are only hypothesis, it’s only God who have the final say. What God says will surely stand, and no one can decrease what God decrees. We shall believe the report of the Lord and not the comments of men, for God watches over His words to fulfill them even to the punctuations. Divine submissions may sometimes not fit well into your human “logarithm” of doing things; it can simply blow up your mind. The unnamed prime minister of Samaria who disbelieved was cut off the provision of God because he ignorantly underestimated the divine ability. You can not figure out what God can do or limit Him based on your human understanding. He works beyond the locus of human reason.

Tomorrow by this time:- No matter the situation, if you are by God’s side, there will surely be a dawn of a new era, a new beginning and a turn of the tide. There will be a sanction from heaven, that your sorrow must end with an immediate effect. God gave a 24 hours ultimatum to the Samaria’s sorrow, and that settled it. Be rest assured, no matter how humanly absurd it may sound, God will not start a thing He has not finished. What is written in His word is settled and finished already, it is only left for you to proclaim and claim the provisions in His word. God is not limited by time or by space, but because we live in time and space, He has married His purpose with His time. To experience God, you must know Him, know His purpose, and understand His timing. You need to wait for Him for He will not tarry. Hasting brings wasting, but those who know their God will patiently wait on Him for He makes everything beautiful in His time.

Lepers by the Gate:- One of the things we do when we encounter difficulties is to compare and complain. We are tempted to think that we are going through the most difficult situation in the world, but the truth of the matter is that w are not alone; there are people with bigger trouble than we have. We have a lot to discover and learn from the situation and action of these 4 lepers by the gate of Samaria. There are some key things we must discover from the lepers before we can recover the divine supplies for us. Let’s examine them succinctly

 Their situation: We must first note that these lepers seems to be the most disadvantaged. They couldn’t stay in the city because they are socially unfit to even stay inside the besieged city. Their problems seem to appear in the capital letters. They are outcast, voiceless, and in human terms most hopeless.
 Their location:- The issue of location is of a great importance when it comes to receiving your divine allocation. Transition and transformation are relevantly related to locations. In human terms, the lepers were in a more dangerous location, given the fact that they were not within the security wall of the city. In reality, although they stand the danger of many things, they were closer to the blessings than those within the walled city. Strangely enough, the first hard lesson we have to learn here is that most of the things that keep us from God’s touch are things that we rather think secure us from danger. We are not yet ready for the divine move until we are ready to let go out “ self”, “shell” and “wall”. The confines must be removed to enjoy the divine. There is nothing more limiting than the self made wall we have constructed around our own selves. The threat of the enemies without is not as powerful as the wall we build around ourselves. Deliverance from self is more challenging than deliverance from demons. What you seriously need to urgently discover as an individual is the self made wall you have made around yourself . It may be an ideology or an habit that God will first want you released from.
 Their question:- The lepers engaged themselves in self interrogative conversation. They questioned themselves, their actions and values. The popular saying that an unevaluated life is not worth living is a strong assertion. You need to ask yourself questions about your values, position and actions. Sameness is a cancer that must be eradicated for progress to commence. Some of the problems we have are problems of the mind and perception. Some of us need a complete overhauling of our worldview, mind set, and perception. Why do we do what we do? Why are my not getting results? Instead of asking ourselves questions we are comfortable with shifting blame of our failure on others. Any time there is a problem we tend to immediately look without instead of first looking within. The lepers did well in that they were frank to challenge themselves instead of blaming others for their woes. Their question was not about the city that is closed against them or the army ahead of them but rather about their own action and position. Those who grumble only stumbles. You are your own biggest enemy, and not until you conquer yourself, you will not be able to move forward.
 Their Options:- Every day we make choices, and it is these choices we daily make that determine the direction and situation of our lives. The fact still remain that you choose what you become. Even when the beginning is rough, you can maintain the roughness or change the tide with your choices. You can choose to be a looser or choose to be a champion. The lepers had three options, to go back and force their way into the city and die of famine, to sit still and still die or to move on and either be killed by the Syrian army or be spared by them. Usually, in most situations, we are faced with similar options to move on, go back or do nothing. It will interest you that indecision is also a decision; it means you have chosen to sit still. When you withdraw into yourself the meaning is that you have gone back into the city where you stand the danger of being killed by famine. Some people, when they fall, they make their falling ground to become their burial ground, they throw up their hands and easily give up any attempt to get up and get going. Life is about challenges options and choices and it is your decision that determines your direction and condition in life.
 Their Action:- We sometime fail, not because of lack of dream or vision, but because of lack of action. It is not enough to wish or dream, it is necessary we take action when required. It is one thing to plan our work and another thing to work our plans. Large numbers of people are still where they are because they are living in the dream land and busy planning to be and to do without actually reaching out to work out their dream. Procrastination is a liability that disguises as an asset. It has been described as a thief of time but it is also a destroyer of vision and aspiration. It is a waster that must be fought with all whims. The lepers were not just day dreaming, but in a twilight, they really got up and practically went forward. There is an action the Lord wants you to take now and you must discover it NOW.
 Their Assumption was an illusion:- Do you know that most of what we are afraid of, in reality don’t even exist. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being afraid or trying out a new things? Do you know that those who are afraid of death are not qualified to live? What is stopping you from reaching forth is not in existence, it is a fiction and figment of mere imagination. The reason why you don’t know it does not exist is simply because you have not yet taken a step forward. Your fear will fizzle out as you reach out of your cocoon. Hear this, “And when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold there was no man there” What a great discovery to the lepers! Your fear do not exist, that is the reality, but it will take a walk of faith forward to discover this. You can not know until you move.
 The Divine Intervention:- It is most soothing to know at the time you feel lonely that afterwards you are not alone. Before you set off, the Lord has set in already. In this journey of life, you must know that you are not alone. Loneliness is not the same as aloneness. There is a power beyond you that is around you to both protect and fulfill you. The lepers were not alone, for the Lord had already fixed the problem before they reached the camp. What was the arrangement here? God made the Syrian go round, gather a lot of resources from nations around, and dump them at Israel’s door. When God sets into a negative situation, He turns it around for our positive promotion.
 The Lepers’ Propagation:- It is not enough to be blessed by God, the blessings must make you go beyond yourself. Life is what you can give and not just what you can grasp. You must be able to impact others with what you are given by the Lord. Abraham was blessed by the Lord and he also became a blessing to others. Have you ever thought of what you can also share that you are not sharing? You must proclaim what you have discovered, recovered and acquired for the benefit of the whole humanity. Not until you begin to proclaim and impact others you have not yet attained.

Based on what you have learnt so far from the passage, navigate in prayers to appropriate divine touch and blessings with the following prayer points:

 Lord help me understand who I am and What I am going through currently.
 Help me see the positives in my negatives.
 Bring an end to my pain and sorrow.
 Speak into my situation oh Lord!
 Help me oh Lord to make right decision that will accelerate my breakthrough .
 Let all set backs of my life become set up for my greater breakthrough.
 Take me beyond myself and make me positively relevant to others.