Monday, January 28, 2013


PROPHETIC VOICE FEBRUARY 2013 FEBRUARY, MY MONTH OF DOUBLE PORTION (2 KGS 2:9, ISA 61:7) Year 2013 is our year of multiplication and expansion in supra-geometric proportion and this month of February signals the full entry into the grace of bounty and supra-abundance. There is a journey this month from Gilgal and crossing over the Jordan for a supernatural enduement of grace that will surge you into the divine supply of surplus. Grace will be released this month to fulfill your divinely orchestrated desire. This month, for sure, the Lord will settle you and fully restore you into your destiny glory. Elisha’s journey with Elijah is the prophetic navigating scene that will unlock this month’s prophetic provision to you. Elisha, by divine election and arrangement was connected with Elijah to understudy him as an ordained replacement for Elijah. Elisha went through a very rough and rigorous apprenticeship program under the no-nonsense prophet called Elijah. With his humility, submissiveness, endurance and unequal display of loyalty and focus he completed his prophetic training as his master was exiting the ministry scene in grand style. Heaven came for Elijah in a ready chariot of fire and terrific whirlwind and simultaneously the time was equally set for Elisha to be fully inducted into a new destiny arrangement that presented an opened cheque unto him. Elisha by his training has come to term with the desire for supra-ordinary, and so when given the singular chance of placing demand, he asked for the unusual “DOUBLE PORTION OF THE KIND OF GRACE ON ELIJAH.” The senior prophet also recognized the hardness in the request of Elisha (vs 10). Elisha succeeded in collecting the mantle of Elijah, a connecting symbol of the double portion grace. Counting the recorded miracle of the duo, one can see that indeed the recorded miracles of Elisha was twice that of Elijah. Again, Elijah left Elisha behind as a successor but Elisha left a community of prophets raised under his leadership. Listen well, God is saying to you this month of February as you prophetically and prayerfully connect that: 1. You will be connected with somebody that will succeed in raising you far higher than himself/herself. 2. You need to persevere and endure for after your endurance comes enjoyment in superlative and supra-lative dimension. 3. Your journey this month is a prophetic replica of Elisha’s Gilgal-Jordan journey of destiny re-construction and fulfillment. 4. Everything on your way this month that is stationed to deter, debar, detour, discourage or destroy you shall be terminated. Every dream terminator shall be terminated for there is the unchanging determination to fully fulfill you this month. 5. Anything that leaves your life this month will surely create space for supra-double and best to take over. The exit of Elijah launched Elisha into his full destiny fulfillment. 6. When your destiny pack arrive with the divine envoy you will not be blindfolded, you will see your blessing clearly and with your two hands grab your destiny belongings. 7. The mantle that will enable and fulfill your prophetic and destiny mandate will be handed over to you this month. In a concurrent current of prophetic declaration, the Lord said also through Isaiah concerning you that “For your shame (instead of your shame) ye shall have double; and for confusion (instead of confusion) they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall be unto them” Isa 61:7. WELCOME TO FEBRUARY; YOUR MONTH OF


2013’S PROPHETIC X-RAY 2013, MY YEAR OF DIVINE BOUNTY PSALM 13:6 2012 came with the experience of divine strength and power and that has rightly positioned us to continually enjoy unceasing blessings and provisions from heaven. As the year 2013 unfolds, the anointing for production is released upon the church and this will translate into BOUNTY and supernatural fruitfulness. The prophetic, navigating tool to journey through the year is Psalm 13 and this holds the key to 2013’s breakthrough. There is a transformation packaged for you this year that will turn your story around suddenly and radically. In this Psalm are the following truths and revelation: 1) You are not forgotten! 2013 is a year you are programmed to be remembered by God. It does not matter how you feel about your condition or how frustrating your situation seems to appear, this year you shall be remembered for good. There is a turning around this year that will radically change your history and story. 2) Your sorrow of heart and pains in your mind shall turn to rejoicing. It may look like your enemies are exerting over you and rejoicing over your matter but the turn around you will experience in 2013 will change the story. Your pains shall give way for gains and your sorrow shall change to singing. You will sing a new song this year and it’s your turn to share a new testimony (vs 2 and 4). 3) Within His coverage zone. Your case shall be considered and your matter heard (vs 3). This year, you will receive revelation (lightening of your eyes) that will deliver you from destruction and sudden death. This year, every attack of death against you is destroyed in Jesus name. 4) Covered by MERCY and located by SALVATION (vs 5). Mercy of God will locate and stay with you this year. It is the mercy of God that will make the difference. The difference will be clear in your life this year because MERCY will be ministered to you. 5) BOUNCING IN BOUNTY (vs 6). This is an experience that will provoke signing in you, and that experience is the experience of BOUNTY. You will have divine supply in surplus. NAVIGATING PRAYERS 1. Thank you God for seeing me through 2012. 2. I celebrate you for moving me into 2013 with power and strength. 3. All grace that I need to succeed and increase this year 2013, release unto me. 4. By faith, I walk through this year and receive all good things its holding. 5. Anoint my head to access the supply of surplus. 6. I frustrate the counsel and determination of evil against me, my family, my church and my nation. 7. I receive divine attention to be sighted for honor and glory 8. I overcome every evil thought of frustration and despondency. 9. I will not die but I will live to declare the counsel and the glory of the Lord. 10. I shall not be moved from my destiny place of blessings. 11. Frustrate the counsel of my enemies and put them into perpetual shame. 12. Let mercy and grace continually locate and saturate/satiate me. 13. I receive the anointing for bounty and the supply of surplus.


PROPHETIC VOICE JULY 2012 JULY MY MONTH OF INNER EMPOWERMENT JULY, the 7th month is very strategic in the structure of the year 2012. There is a molding work God is doing on you in preparation for the great outpouring of grace that will eventually position you where you ought to be. I sense a build up of prophetic release unprecedented in the story of your life from the beginning of this year. There is a spiritual balancing exercise God want to carry out on you this month which is very necessary to create capacity in you to contain the manifold blessings that is soon coming. The prophetic direction this month is taking is about inner development, the stirring up of God’s fire and power in and through you. This was the earnest prayer of Paul for the Ephesians Christians as he declares in Eph. 3: 14-16 “For this cause I bow my knees unto the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man …”. There is a renewing in the inward man that supersedes the happening with the physical body (2 Cor. 4:16). It is this renewal and inner growth that Isaiah identified as the necessary stabilizing force that will enable the upward fruit bearing (Isa. 37:31) God’s power want to reach your innermost being this month in preparation for the perfecting of every thing that concerns you. The state and situation of your inner man will determine the manifestation of what is without and around you. The foundational issue is what the prophetic agenda for this month tackles.  The might of the Holy Spirit is what will produce the needed strength. The dunamis that is released into your inner man is the Holy Spirit’s might.  The supplier/depositor of the energy and force of strength is the Holy Spirit himself.  The dimension of the supply is according to the riches of His own glory.  The place of deposit is in the inner man.  The purpose of the deposit is for Christ to dwell in your heart and thus producing spiritual stability and maturity.  The resultant effects of this encounter are to: - Make you become fully aware of the revelation of Christ. - Understand the implication and power of the love of Christ. - Experience the fullness of Christ - Your life brings honour and glory to Christ. Your level is bound to change positively this month because it is the month of perfection. As God strengthens you inwardly I see you bearing fruits outwardly. Where you are weary inside, the strength of the Lord will be supplied in abundance. Where it is like you are giving up already, I see you rising up again. Where you are down cast, I see you uplifted. The inner strength that you are receiving this month will make you to arise, and as you arise you will shine for the glory of the Lord will powerfully come upon you. I decree that you be strengthened by God’s power from your within. NAVIGATING PRAYER Lord thank you for launching me into this month of strength and perfection Every inner damage to my being receive the life of God now Every where there are tension within and around me, I receive the divine attention. Every uproar and storm of panic inside and around me, be calmed in Jesus name. I receive great, divine strength for my inward man. I refuse my mind from becoming spiritual dustbin. I rise above obsession, depression and frustration. I receive every needed settlement to move forward. Every power that wants to stagnate me are cleared out. I refuse inner failure and spiritual blackout. Let your fire burn within me continually, producing fervency in the things of God. Lord perfect everything concerning me, my family, church and nation. I receive all my prophetic package for this month of JULY.


PROPHETIC VOICE JUNE 2012 MY MONTH OF GREAT EXPLOITS (Dan. 11:32) Welcome to the 6th month, the month of transition and of achievement of great things. Heaven is set to release uncommon grace upon those who are ready to break new frontier and achieve uncommon success. There shall be release of divine strength and power upon the ready army who are desperate in bringing honor to Christ’s name. The prophetic navigating passage is the second portion of Daniel 11:32 “… but the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits (for God)”.Heaven is set this month to raise champions who will break record and set pace for others to follow. I can sense a great move of God in the realm of the Spirit that shall be followed by great visitation that shall raise and produce uncommon accomplishments. Dan. 11:32 is set within an unusual description of enemies’ desperate actions of exterminating the plans and purposes of God. A new standard by God’s standing army emerged in this same season of frustration and seemingly failure. The prophet, in that revelation echoes the emergence of a new breed of life and change carriers, who are destined to be pacesetters. The description is simply, straight forward but very heavy: (1) Mark of difference is their trademark. “But” was used to describe these set of people even though some others may become perverse by the evil power, but the case of those that will do exploits for Christ is totally different. There is the mark of positive difference coming upon you this month. (2) Their “knowing” precedes their “doing”. The level of your discovery will determine the extent of your recovery. It is revelation that will provoke and produce manifestation of greatness. God will envision you afresh for a greater action of greatness. (3) Their standing built on sound understanding of the things of God produces stability in them. “They shall stand firm”. They are reliable ambassadors who are committed to the cause of their calling and will not waiver or detour away from the right path nor shift the old landmark. (4) They shall achieve great accomplishment. Great exploits means uncommon feats and testimonies. 1 Chron 12 captures a good example of an army and company of people who really did great exploits. A careful study of the Chronicles of exploits in 1 Chronicles 12 will give you the mental picture of the record you must also be prepared to break and the pace you must set. I decree that the anointing that will make you do exploits fall on you now! NAVIGATING PRAYERS (1) Lord thank you for launching me into the month of June. (2) I bring myself, family and possessions under your protective and prophetic covering. (3) I refuse every evil disappointment, failure, frustration, confusion, disgrace and disaster moving with this month. (4) I connect myself with goodness, mercy, lifting, promotion, satisfaction, victory and honor that are moving with this month. (5) I receive the mark of positive difference. (6) I receive deeper revelation for greater manifestation this month. (7) I receive the grace for stability and outstanding performance. (8) I am ordained to break record and set new pace for others this month. (9) I decree that I shall accomplish uncommon feats this month. (10) I take full delivery of the full prophetic package for this month.