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The scripture is full of testimonies of God’s ability to defend His people. He is our defense ( Ps. 5:11, 31:1-3, Isa. 31:5, 37: 35, Zec. 9:15, 12: 8), our hiding place (Isa. 32:2, Ps.17:8, 27: 5, 32: 7, 64:2, 119: 114), our fortress (Na 1:7, 2 Sam. 22:2, Ps. 18: 2, 91: 2, 114: 2) , our refuge (Ex. 33:22, Deut. 33: 27, Ps. 27: 5, 31: 20, Prov. 14: 26, Isa. 25: 4, Zec. 9: 12) and our shield (Gen. 15:1, Deut. 33: 29, Ps. 33:20, 84: 11, 115: 9, Prov. 30:5).

You are better secured in Christ for he has an insurance policy for you that can never fail. In the days of Elisha the prophet, God repeatedly demonstrated that He could safely secure His people. In the midst of great tension, God gave attention to His loved ones. Elisha was a watchman over Israel, guiding and instructing the land with divine counsel. The enemies of Israel could not penetrate the defense of the land because the Lord was watching over the words of His servant to perform them. In the vocal text of our exposition, certain truth must be clearly understood and these must inform our strategic prayers.

It was specifically started that the Syrian king warred against Israel. It was a battle between kingdoms. As a child of God, you must recognize the fact that you have a battle to fight and a land to posses. There is no one without battle, and the war is between kingdoms. If you have a clearly defined position, then you must be prepared for opposition. You need to define your opposition in as well as you understand your position. Your warfare prayers must clearly target your own “Syrian Army”.

Syrian king took counsel with his servants to determine where their trap camp will be. We are fighting against an elaborate and well organized network of evil. The devil is attacking with his cohort and there are evil deliberations to short circuit you and mortgage your destiny. Thank God, there is an irrevocable divine decree concerning you that the counsel of darkness over you and over your portion will never stand. In prayers, you must seek out where the enemy’s camp really is in your life. Enemies must not settle down in your territory. You must declare a “no place for the devil” war. No waiting, no parking for the devil for your life is a no go area to him.

The Syrian’s plot was exposed to the king of Israel through the prophetic Ministry of Elisha (Vs 9). You need not wait until the enemy strike before you declare war, you must be proactive. Heaven is ready to pre warn you against the intension of the devil if only you will open your eyes to see and your ears to hear. There is always a divine beckoning on you not to fall prey to the trap of the enemy. You need the prophetic anointing and counsel. You must pattern your warfare campaign to allow for investigatory prayers. Your prayers should not only be God do, God give me, but God show me the way I should pass. The eyes of the Lord will follow you every where you go and will expose your enemies to you. Greater portion of your problem is that you are not aware of where the enemies are striking from. Your prayers are against wrong targets. From today, the Lord will give you clear revelation of the detail of your situation and specific steps you are to take to prevent and arrest your problems.

Because the Lord thwarted the evil counsel of the Syrian King, he became sore trouble (vs.11). Trouble, heart break, confusion, disgrace, failure and disappointments are not meant for you, they belong to the enemies of your soul. If you will let God fight for you, devil’s pressure will go high.

SPIES were dispatched to fish out Elisha (Vs. 13) because he has now become the only threat to the evil ambition of the Syrian King. If you have a position in Christ, then you must understand that evil eyes are on you, watching you to locate your secret, identify your weak point and season, so that they could strike you down. You must prophesy against every evil eyes and demonic spies detailed against you and your destiny to fall and die! They will search for you but they can not get you because your defense is Jehovah. When the Syrian discovered Elisha to be at Dothan, they sent emissaries of army well equipped against him. They came by NIGHT and COMPASSED the city about (Vs.14). You must pay special attention to the timing of their coming; in the night, Jesus told a parable of a rich man who planted a vineyard of good vine but in the night, his enemies came and sowed weeds. The devils will always want to strike at the dark hours of the night when you will least expect. Thank God that we have a defender who does not sleep nor slumber; Jehovah is His name. The Syrian came in the night and compassed the city about, thinking they have trapped the man of God inside. That you are besieged does not mean you are deceased. The power that have surrounded you will surrender to you in Jesus Name. The servant of the prophet, waking up early in the morning and seeing the huge presence of the Syrian around the city cried out in desperation and frustration (Vs. 15) HOW SHALL WE DO?. What you need to know is that you can not figure out and think through the solution to the difficulties you are currently facing. The arm of flesh can in no way help. What to do and how to do what to do is none of your business, for God is already in charge. Many of us fail to overcome devil because we don’t see God in our negative situations. There is a thing God is already working out, you only need to see it. Do not blow your problem beyond its proportion that you do not see God any longer. The encompassing enemies are numerous but God is more present than the negative things you are seeing.

Elisha prayed that his servant should see beyond the natural scene and situation (Vs.17). You too need more than just the natural sight, you need a new vision. Many have sight but no vision, the scale of ignorance is coming off your eyes for you to clearly see what the Lord is doing even in that seemingly negative situation. You need a touch that will take you beyond yourself. What the servant of the prophet was seeing was the many chariots of human army but when his spiritual eyes opened, he saw more than the chariots of men, he saw chariots of fire driven by angels. The chariots of fire, for your information were not there just because of the Syrian, they have always being there ever before this time. There is a divinely guaranteed security provision for you even when there seems to be no problem in sight.

When the Syrian army eventually came to the prophet, they were already BLINDFOLDED that they could not even recognize him any longer (Vs.18). I decree that you will become invisible to every evil eyes trying to harm you. God will attack your enemies with blindness that you may proceed into your place of honor and blessings. When the Syrian came down to the prophet, he was fully in charge. He told them, that is not the way. The anointing on you will cause your enemies to take orders from you. The man, the Syrian came purposely to arrest now became the enforcement officer, for he eventually arrested them since he had the higher warrant paper. I see you no more as complainer but rather as the commander in-chief who is fully on top of every situation. None of your words will fall to the ground in Jesus name, all of your enemy and your situation shall take order from you from today. There is the anointing coming upon you that will make you to be feared dreaded.

1) Lord expose every hidden battle of my life to me.
2) Open my spiritual eyes and ears to see, hear and fully be aware of the detail of my situation and condition.
3) I foil and completely destroy every evil counsel and conspiracy against my soul and destiny.
4) I command devil and his cohort, no parking, no waiting in and around my portion in Jesus name.
5) Me, my family, and my properties are a no go area for the devil.
6) I receive grace to disgrace all of my enemies in Jesus name.
7) I decree that from today, my enemies will continue to make mistake that will advance my cause in Jesus name.
8) I transfer from my life to the enemies of my soul, trouble, heartbreak, confusion, disgrace, failure, and disappointments.
9) Every evil spy dispatched against my life should fall and die in Jesus name.
Every demonic monitoring installation, and instrument flagged to monitor my life should be burnt in Jesus name.
Every arrow fired against me day or night should backfire in Jesus name.
I decree every siege over my life over in Jesus name.
I defeat fear and frustrate the storm of panic in my life in Jesus name.
Lord help me to see beyond my fear and trouble, to see you in all of my situation.
Surround me with your chariot of fire and angelic troop.
Let your anointing powerfully come upon me to make me be in charge.
10) I command confusion to overtake all my enemies in Jesus name.
I command my enemies disarmed and completely rendered incapacitated.
11) Frustrate the counsel of the devil over my life.
12) All my enemy, fall and die in Jesus name!


NEW CRUSE AND SALT ( 11 KG.2: 19-22)

Every one of us needs a revolutionary touch of the divine in one aspect of our life or the other. If you are truly in an uncomfortable situation, you will be desperate in your yearning for the desired change. This was the case of the people of Jericho when they encountered the freshly anointed prophet Elisha on his way from beyond Jordan where he was officially commissioned and empowered for the miraculous. There is something divine you will encounter as you carefully observe the transformational revelation from this scriptural text.

REALISATION:- Revelation is a prelude to transformation. If you are not rightly informed you can not be transformed. In experiencing God. You must first come to term with the truth about your situation. You need a clear understanding and definition of your situation before you can have a change of your condition. Someone went out to preach and he said “Jesus is the answer” and the one he was preaching to asked “ so what is the question?”. You can not be looking for the answer when you don’t really know the question. You can not rightly seek for solution of your problem when you have not gotten the situation right. You need to first clearly know what your problems are before you can rightly find solution to them. The people of Jericho knew exactly what their problems were, so when they came to Elisha they went straight to the main issue of their concern (Vs.19) It is not enough that you are prayerful, it is necessary that when you ask in prayer you do not ask amiss. Your prayers must hit the right target in other for it to produce good result. You need to ask yourself “what actually are my problems?” If you have not gotten your situation right, then you must embark on investigatory prayers for the Lord to show you where the issues truly are. According to the men of Jericho the location of Jericho was not the problem, but the bitter taste of the water and the barrenness of the land that defied all scientific explanation. There must then be a supernatural provision in Jehovah God to solve the scientifically unsolvable riddles of Jericho’s bitter water and barren land.

RESOLUTION:- Solution can not come when there is no resolution to go all out for the solution. You have a part to play in making sure that you truly experience that radical emancipation you are yearning for. If your attitude does not show that you are truly interested in the high altitude, you may remain the same place. The people of Jericho did not stopped at the realization and definition of their problems, but they were equally resolute in making sure solution is found. I could see in that community, harmony; one voice and one vision. They demonstrated right and burning passion towards their pursuit. They showed seriousness and determination. They concluded within themselves what they really wanted. If I may also ask you as Jesus asked the blind man, “what do you really want God to do for you?” some people know their problem but they are not fully ready to receive the solution. When Moses and Aaron asked Pharaoh “When do you want God to take away the frogs from the land?” Pharaoh foolishly replied “Tomorrow” Answer to this question before you proceed with the reading of this material, “what do you really want God to do about your case and when do you want Him to do it?”

ACTION:- Pass me not gentle savior is not a Hymn to be sang kneeling down or in idleness, it is a song you have to sing while racing towards the savior. You can not sit at one place and expect everything to come to you, you must get up and pursue something. Some of us waste away in our dream land. You must not just be dreaming you must be doing. It is not enough to have great vision about tomorrow you must have a mission today. As you plan your work you must work your plan. You need to tell yourself again and again “do something”. If you are not “doing” then you are “dieing”. You must do something to get something. If you do not sow, it does not matter how long or how fervent you pray for harvest, you will reap nothing. Jericho men did not stopped at knowing and talking about their problem, they went all out for the solution. There is a definite something the Lord want you to do right now about your issue, I decree an accelerated anointing to come upon you now and propel you into positive and emancipatory actions.

RESTORATION:- Elisha was dramatic in his response to the complaints of the people of Jericho (Vs.20-21). He asked for a NEW CRUSE and SALT. This is what I call dramatic, symbolic, prophetic prayer. The man of God began his prophetic action from the very materials he asked for. The taste of the water was not the only problem, but the source of it. If you look at the load a crooked legged man is carrying and you say the load is bent then you are mistaken, the problem is not the load but the crooked legs. If you straighten the crooked legs the load will straighten up automatically.

The NEW CRUSE the man of God asked for represents the place, or the source and the SALT represent the cure. What Elisha was saying is that there should be a total transformation for the land and the water. No wonder he went straight to the source of the water and there prophesied a definite positive change. Permanent solution came to the problems of Jericho because Elisha addressed the problem from its very root. I pray that the Lord will get into the very root of your situation and command a definite, permanent, positive, change. The reason why many a time we do not see result is because the situations are not dealt with from the very root. You need to begin from the foundation. If the foundation is bad what shall the righteous do?. I think the righteous will have to effect order right from the foundation. You can not continue to build on a faulty foundation.

1) Lord, open my eyes to the hidden truth about my situation.
2) Give me a new vision that will generate in me positive energy, and that will propel me into positive actions.
3) Let a yearning arise in me, a determination to be more than a conqueror indeed.
4) Let my attitude from today be in tandem with the high altitude the Lord is sending me into.
5) I decree my dreams translated into right actions that will bring them into tangible manifestations.
6) Lord, let your accelerated anointing come upon me, and propel me into positive and emancipatory actions and realizations.
7) I decree seed and manifestation of barrenness in my life to give way to supra-abundant fruitfulness.
8) I decree every seed and manifestation of bitterness to vanish from my life and give way to divine flavor, favor and sweetness.
9) Every evil from my root should wither and disappear.
10) I move into my season of fulfillment and greatness in Jesus name.



This Lazarus’ resurrection encounter is only captured by Apostle John. It’s a great demonstration of Jesus’ supremacy over all things and a testimony that as far as God is concern nothing is too late.
The first fascinating thing in this passage is the identity of the man who was sick and who eventually died. Lazarus of Bethany, the sister of Martha and Mary and for that matter the “one Jesus love”. The question I ask myself is How come Jesus friend fell sick? I think in life situation today we ask similar questions when we discover people we think are committed to God going through sufferings and afflictions. You may be wondering also about the reason why you are going through what you are going through. This account from John settles the issue, in the Bible, the one Jesus Love was also sick to the point of death. This story directly speaks to the recent wrong theology being propounded by some extreme “faith preachers” who create the impression that once you are a child of God you are immune from problems. There are some who propound the sweet ‘divine health’ doctrine. To them there is a faith dimension you get into where you do not need divine healing any longer because at this level you can even not fall sick again. All these
‘faith propositions’ are not in tandem with the whole truth of biblical teaching. There is no where the Bible teaches that you can never fall sick, the only promise is that even when we are sick, there is the healing balm in Christ. Lazarus was Jesus well known friend, but he was sick and died of the sickness.
Another unusual thing is Jesus response to the emergency message sent to him about the sickness of Lazarus. When he was told, he stayed two more days where he was. One would have expected that he will get up and go to Bethany immediately he was told his friend is sick. There are certain things you urgently consulted God about but it seem God is delaying. Every seemingly delay situation in your life may be for a purpose, for every purpose of God is married with the timing of God so that all things may be beautiful in its time. We live at a time when waiting and patience are now becoming outdated. There are several ‘fast food’ prayer canteen everywhere where God is given ultimatum to respond to people’s request. There is nothing wrong in being prayerful, but prayer is never a means to force God to do what you want. Powerful prayer is built on strong relationship with God. A powerfully prayerful Christian is someone who is completely submissive to the will of God. God makes everything beautiful in His own time. There are times we pray for something and expect quick response from God, but God’s timing may not tally with our own. We must learn to trust God even when what we are expecting is not forthcoming on time, for even when it tarries it will come at the time when it will be most beautiful.
Another important issue in this passage is the conflict of definitions. Jesus told the disciples “our friend Lazarus is fallen asleep but I am going there to wake him up” (Vs 11). What a strange description of the situation! Lazarus was already dead for about 4 days and the master said he was only asleep. Do you know that sometimes the way you define your situation is different from how God sees it? God’s definition of your situation is beyond the locus of human reasoning, and you must believe the report of the Lord. When you have concluded and resigned to fate God may see the case only as a specimen for miracle. You need not give up yet, for even in the grave there can still be hope.
Lazarus died and he was abandoned to the grave by those who loved him.
It is interesting that as loving as Martha was she did not want Jesus to go near the dead Lazarus. Lazarus has now become a past tense. Do you know that there are situations where people you cherish now can’t offer you any help? There are situations where your wife, husband parents , friends and relatives become completely insignificant. The interesting thing is that this same people may be the reason why you are not serious with God. It’s only Jesus who can go with you anywhere anytime and in any situation. When Jesus got there he was told, don’t go near the grave for he is now smelling bad! Do you know that with all your beauty, riches and connections, one day people will say the same thing to you? About Lazarus’ situation everyone concluded that it was too late and it was all over. They deserted him and abandoned him to a closed grave. Where you are abandoned and deserted the Lord will relocate you and bring you up to fame and glory again.
Whenever Jesus set into any situation he brings about radical changes that will glorify God. Jesus went to the entrance of the grave and the only perfect high priest who can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities cried because of Lazarus despite the fact that he knew Lazarus will live again. Expression of emotion is not a sign of no or little faith. Denial of realities by suppression of emotion is neither a demonstration of a strong faith. Faith does not deny natural realities, it only sees beyond it. Jesus ordered that the stone at the entrance be rolled away. Every ‘stone’ hindering your breakthrough must give way at the site and commands of Jesus. He cried out to Lazarus to come forth. From every prison of limitation you will come forth! When the death that killed Lazarus heard the voice of Jesus, it gave up Lazarus instantly. Every evil power holding you down will give you up to allow you march into your blessings and fulfillment. The man who was dead 4 days got up! I declare that right now you will get up! Jesus ordered that he be loosed and let go! The scripture describes him as been bound hands and legs with his face covered with napkin. These three areas described are physically and spiritually very significant. Legs represent mobility, hand ability, and eyes visibility. Even if one is living but has problem in these three major areas is just like one is dead. Anything hindering you from moving into your place of blessing will be cleared from your life. Whatsoever is affecting your ability to become whom God wants you to become will be taken away from your life. There are many people with sight but with no vision. May be you also need a word for the restoration of your vision. The evil napkin tied on your face is removed that you may have a new vision that will turn your situation around for the best. The Lord will visit you right away and you will be loosed and let go. I SAY THE SAME THING TO YOU NOW THAT YOU BE LOOSED AND GO INTO YOUR FULFILMENTS IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
1) Lord, draw me close to yourself and cause your banner to be upon me.
2) I cry to you in distress, let my prayer never fall on the ground.
3) Turn my negative situation into specimen for divine miracle.
4) Lord make me understand your purpose and timing for my life
5) I decree by anointing, any of my burial ground to become my lifting spot in Jesus name.
6) Any stone rolled against me, my progress and destiny be broken into irreparable pieces in Jesus name.
7) Every obstruction and destruction my way should give way.
8) Speak resurrection words to my situation in Jesus name.
9) I command my hands released from the shackles of darkness.
10) I decree evil scale to fall off my eyes in Jesus name.
11) I command my legs to move into my divine allotment in Jesus name.
12) I move from grave to glory in Jesus name.



How can a horrible terrible negative situation be turned around to become positive and admirable one? What are some of the divine principles to turn our negative situation around for the best? We shall textually explore II kings 6 and 7 to identify the timeless radical revolutionary ideas that will help us unlock the hidden virtues and potential in us which can accelerate our breakthrough, and catapult us to the level God wants us to attain. We shall take a retrospective excursion to (Samaria) the capital of Israel in the days of Elisha the prophet and see how power of God can turn negative situation to positive one.

The Shakings are for your makings:- One of the problems we have is getting the right definition of our situation, and understanding what we are passing through. Sometimes we wrongly conclude that every negative situation we go through are meant for our destruction, but the truth of the matter is that some shakings are for our makings. Jesus’ comment on the man who was born blind, that his situation was meant to glorify God was not only a misnomer but also a big challenge to the popular world view of his day. Jesus is by this comment bringing a new perspective to the way we see situation and interpret events. Some seemingly negative situations are meant to accelerate our progress. Some of the challenges you are going through rather position you well to receive the supernatural touch of God. Your current problem makes you the right specimen for miracle. Let’s get down to Samaria to X-ray the situation and the intervention.

Besieged but not Deceased:- Samaria was besieged by the Syrian army, the resources from the outside seized, and the movement of the people curtailed. The intention of the enemy was not only to limit the people but to also psychologically suffocate them and reduce them to less than nothing. The Samaritans were surrounded but they never surrendered. You can not know all you are capable of doing until you are squeezed beyond your limit. Hunger and sufferings in Samaria revealed the cannibalism in some people, some mothers, in order to survive went as far as eating their own babies. It is problem that can separate disciples from the multitude. Values and morals are better revealed in problem situations.

Why this and why me?:- In the midst of problems, actions are taken and questions are asked. The questions of why becomes very prominent as people try to understand what is going on with them. One important thing about the Samaria situation is the fact that the problem was not linked to any particular sin of Israel. It was not that they sinned against the Lord that they were besieged. The question of sin is out. There are things you go through that are not as a result of some sins committed. It is good that we ask questions in our problem situation but is better we wait for divine answers to those questions also.

Intervention by Information:- If there will be a release there must first be a decree. Right information is a prelude to transformation. The first verse of the chapter seven introduces a radical transition by an authoritative declaration of the prophet. “Thus says the Lord” is the key to unlocking the transition and the transformation. It doesn’t matter what others says, including your reasoning, what matters most is what the Lord says. What you are saying, what friends are saying, what doctors and scientist are saying are only hypothesis, it’s only God who have the final say. What God says will surely stand, and no one can decrease what God decrees. We shall believe the report of the Lord and not the comments of men, for God watches over His words to fulfill them even to the punctuations. Divine submissions may sometimes not fit well into your human “logarithm” of doing things; it can simply blow up your mind. The unnamed prime minister of Samaria who disbelieved was cut off the provision of God because he ignorantly underestimated the divine ability. You can not figure out what God can do or limit Him based on your human understanding. He works beyond the locus of human reason.

Tomorrow by this time:- No matter the situation, if you are by God’s side, there will surely be a dawn of a new era, a new beginning and a turn of the tide. There will be a sanction from heaven, that your sorrow must end with an immediate effect. God gave a 24 hours ultimatum to the Samaria’s sorrow, and that settled it. Be rest assured, no matter how humanly absurd it may sound, God will not start a thing He has not finished. What is written in His word is settled and finished already, it is only left for you to proclaim and claim the provisions in His word. God is not limited by time or by space, but because we live in time and space, He has married His purpose with His time. To experience God, you must know Him, know His purpose, and understand His timing. You need to wait for Him for He will not tarry. Hasting brings wasting, but those who know their God will patiently wait on Him for He makes everything beautiful in His time.

Lepers by the Gate:- One of the things we do when we encounter difficulties is to compare and complain. We are tempted to think that we are going through the most difficult situation in the world, but the truth of the matter is that w are not alone; there are people with bigger trouble than we have. We have a lot to discover and learn from the situation and action of these 4 lepers by the gate of Samaria. There are some key things we must discover from the lepers before we can recover the divine supplies for us. Let’s examine them succinctly

 Their situation: We must first note that these lepers seems to be the most disadvantaged. They couldn’t stay in the city because they are socially unfit to even stay inside the besieged city. Their problems seem to appear in the capital letters. They are outcast, voiceless, and in human terms most hopeless.
 Their location:- The issue of location is of a great importance when it comes to receiving your divine allocation. Transition and transformation are relevantly related to locations. In human terms, the lepers were in a more dangerous location, given the fact that they were not within the security wall of the city. In reality, although they stand the danger of many things, they were closer to the blessings than those within the walled city. Strangely enough, the first hard lesson we have to learn here is that most of the things that keep us from God’s touch are things that we rather think secure us from danger. We are not yet ready for the divine move until we are ready to let go out “ self”, “shell” and “wall”. The confines must be removed to enjoy the divine. There is nothing more limiting than the self made wall we have constructed around our own selves. The threat of the enemies without is not as powerful as the wall we build around ourselves. Deliverance from self is more challenging than deliverance from demons. What you seriously need to urgently discover as an individual is the self made wall you have made around yourself . It may be an ideology or an habit that God will first want you released from.
 Their question:- The lepers engaged themselves in self interrogative conversation. They questioned themselves, their actions and values. The popular saying that an unevaluated life is not worth living is a strong assertion. You need to ask yourself questions about your values, position and actions. Sameness is a cancer that must be eradicated for progress to commence. Some of the problems we have are problems of the mind and perception. Some of us need a complete overhauling of our worldview, mind set, and perception. Why do we do what we do? Why are my not getting results? Instead of asking ourselves questions we are comfortable with shifting blame of our failure on others. Any time there is a problem we tend to immediately look without instead of first looking within. The lepers did well in that they were frank to challenge themselves instead of blaming others for their woes. Their question was not about the city that is closed against them or the army ahead of them but rather about their own action and position. Those who grumble only stumbles. You are your own biggest enemy, and not until you conquer yourself, you will not be able to move forward.
 Their Options:- Every day we make choices, and it is these choices we daily make that determine the direction and situation of our lives. The fact still remain that you choose what you become. Even when the beginning is rough, you can maintain the roughness or change the tide with your choices. You can choose to be a looser or choose to be a champion. The lepers had three options, to go back and force their way into the city and die of famine, to sit still and still die or to move on and either be killed by the Syrian army or be spared by them. Usually, in most situations, we are faced with similar options to move on, go back or do nothing. It will interest you that indecision is also a decision; it means you have chosen to sit still. When you withdraw into yourself the meaning is that you have gone back into the city where you stand the danger of being killed by famine. Some people, when they fall, they make their falling ground to become their burial ground, they throw up their hands and easily give up any attempt to get up and get going. Life is about challenges options and choices and it is your decision that determines your direction and condition in life.
 Their Action:- We sometime fail, not because of lack of dream or vision, but because of lack of action. It is not enough to wish or dream, it is necessary we take action when required. It is one thing to plan our work and another thing to work our plans. Large numbers of people are still where they are because they are living in the dream land and busy planning to be and to do without actually reaching out to work out their dream. Procrastination is a liability that disguises as an asset. It has been described as a thief of time but it is also a destroyer of vision and aspiration. It is a waster that must be fought with all whims. The lepers were not just day dreaming, but in a twilight, they really got up and practically went forward. There is an action the Lord wants you to take now and you must discover it NOW.
 Their Assumption was an illusion:- Do you know that most of what we are afraid of, in reality don’t even exist. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being afraid or trying out a new things? Do you know that those who are afraid of death are not qualified to live? What is stopping you from reaching forth is not in existence, it is a fiction and figment of mere imagination. The reason why you don’t know it does not exist is simply because you have not yet taken a step forward. Your fear will fizzle out as you reach out of your cocoon. Hear this, “And when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold there was no man there” What a great discovery to the lepers! Your fear do not exist, that is the reality, but it will take a walk of faith forward to discover this. You can not know until you move.
 The Divine Intervention:- It is most soothing to know at the time you feel lonely that afterwards you are not alone. Before you set off, the Lord has set in already. In this journey of life, you must know that you are not alone. Loneliness is not the same as aloneness. There is a power beyond you that is around you to both protect and fulfill you. The lepers were not alone, for the Lord had already fixed the problem before they reached the camp. What was the arrangement here? God made the Syrian go round, gather a lot of resources from nations around, and dump them at Israel’s door. When God sets into a negative situation, He turns it around for our positive promotion.
 The Lepers’ Propagation:- It is not enough to be blessed by God, the blessings must make you go beyond yourself. Life is what you can give and not just what you can grasp. You must be able to impact others with what you are given by the Lord. Abraham was blessed by the Lord and he also became a blessing to others. Have you ever thought of what you can also share that you are not sharing? You must proclaim what you have discovered, recovered and acquired for the benefit of the whole humanity. Not until you begin to proclaim and impact others you have not yet attained.

Based on what you have learnt so far from the passage, navigate in prayers to appropriate divine touch and blessings with the following prayer points:

 Lord help me understand who I am and What I am going through currently.
 Help me see the positives in my negatives.
 Bring an end to my pain and sorrow.
 Speak into my situation oh Lord!
 Help me oh Lord to make right decision that will accelerate my breakthrough .
 Let all set backs of my life become set up for my greater breakthrough.
 Take me beyond myself and make me positively relevant to others.



In the midst of a long and dull genealogical record is the story of Mr. Jabez, who experienced a radical emancipation and liberation from an unusual curse. In this simple two verses is a story of personal revolution through prayer which has no equal in the whole of the scripture. This text attest to the fact that after each test, for those who will lean on God, is a testimony. In God, there is a sure cure for every curse. The truth in this passage is that it is not the situation that you find yourself that really matters but what you do with the situation.
The following observation are noticed from the passage and they will surely inform the way the interpretation and application of the text will be done.

1. The end at the beginning: The story of this man is simply strange both in content and in arrangement. Thank God that the beautiful thing about it is that the end precedes the beginning. The good end of the man swallowed up the bad and the rough beginning he had. That he was more honorable than his brethren was the end of the matter. It does not therefore matter how you began, your good end will swallow up your rough beginning. The end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof. The truth that your end will be great should motivate you to keep keeping on. If you have the end in view, you will not give up now, for there is hope and great destiny for you in Christ. I see your story positively changing for the best in Jesus name.
2. Conditioned Condition:- Because the situation of the mother was bad at the time he was born, she overshadowed the destiny of the baby by her own personal experience. Sorrow became his name because the mother was experiencing sorrow when he was born. There are people in similar situation conditioned and been controlled by others. Every limitation set over you by your family or the environment where you live will give way to the transforming power of God that is ordering your great destiny. The Lord will release you from every negative condition struggling to overshadow your destiny.
3. The mother named him:- Another strange thing about this naming is the person who gave him name. It is a misnomer for a woman to name the child. The father of Jabesh was never mentioned. The beginning of the negatives in the life of Jabesh began with the wrong person giving the name. There are people who have been wrongly named by wrong people. There is no doubt that the scriptures recognize the spiritual significance of name, no wonder God Himself has to change the name of Abram to Abraham to correspond with his destiny. Jesus dealt with the display instability in Simon by changing his name to Peter. There is a great deal in the name you respond to, for it can either hinder or enhance your destiny in this life. What ought to be in your life but are not will be re-ordered by God.
4. Greater authority:- Jabesh sent his appeal to the supreme court of the universe where God himself is seated as the Chief Judge. The mother called him sorrowful but he knew God has the final say, so he cried to God directly. You have a place you can appeal to in life if anything is wrong. God is our final authority in all situations.
5. Aggressive Prayers:- There is no progression without aggression. Jabesh prayed one of the most radical and revolutionary prayer in the scripture. If indeed you are expecting radical emancipation to reclaim your lost glory, you must get serious with God and pray like Jabesh.


 Lord I need a change, a positive change indeed.

 I destroy every childbirth and rite of passage evil.

 I destroy every representational covenant and curse over my life.
 Any evil pronouncement over my life are terminated in Jesus name.

 God bless me indeed.

 Enlarge my coast oh Lord!

 Let your hands be u[on me for good oh Lord.

 Deliver, protect and preserve my life.