Friday, October 11, 2013

TOPIC: DOUBLE CROSSING ANOINTING TEXT: MARK 5:25-34 As we celebrate the mighty grace that God has released upon this month, and the prophetic declaration to cross over and take over, we cannot but align ourselves with outstanding anointing that will automate the release of this grace. In the passage of the scripture for our consideration today is the pathetic story of a frustrated sick woman in desperate search for solution. This unnamed woman remains a great example and testimony of faith that can waylay, double cross and provoke the release of mercy at all cost. She believed that God’s grace is more than enough for everyone to tap into. Jesus was following someone (Jarius) home but the release of a stronger fast track faith connected instantly and got result. Major hints about this woman include the fact that: 1. Her condition has become her identity (vs 25). 2. Had an unresolved issue (vs 25). 3. Her condition defied all human solutions (vs 26). 4. Her situation “siphoned” all her resources (vs 26). 5. The information she heard was her prelude to the transformation she experienced (vs 27). 6. She was different from the rest of the crowd in that vs 27-33: • She had a great expectation and decision. • Walked against the “press” (crowd and obstruction). • Did what others did not do. • Identified by Christ in the midst of the crowd.

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