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AUGUST PROPHETIC VOICE AUGUST, MY SEASON OF STRATEGIC SACRIFICIAL SOWING 2 CORINTHIANS 8:1-8 Welcome to the eight month, the month of special divine visitation that requires a clear understanding of divine – human covenant collaboration. There is a thing the Lord is packaging and preparing to release, and this month is the season for His children to get involve in active participation that will prepare ground and way for them to be specially visited. Christianity is all about participation and production and not ‘spectation’ or passivity. To navigate through this eight month, the prophetic key and mandate to lead and direct you through is fully captured in Paul’s second epistle to the church of Corinth (which is the eight book of the New Testament), the eight chapter and the first eight verses. In this text we have the following prophetic revelation: 1. What you need to know to live. Paul stresses the importance of knowledge (Revelational Knowledge). Knowledge is power, understanding is strength and wisdom is knowledge and understanding well applied. Knowledge and understanding shall be the stability of your time. The knowledge of the revelation, testimony and grace made available to the Macedonia people was the recommendation for the believers in Corinth. You must follow God to know this month. You must discover to recover something extra ordinarily great this month (vs 1). 2. The challenge of liberality in the midst of severe affliction. Liberality is the only solution to poverty and affliction. Solution to poverty is not getting help from someone but rather reaching out to reach and help someone else. It is more blessed to give than to receive. The poverty and help mentality must give way for the sense of abundance and readiness to reach out and help others. This is your own part to play in the prosperity package put together for you by the Lord (vs 2). 3. Going beyond the average, going the extra miles. If you expect great thing from the Lord, then attempt great thing for Him. New attempts will bring you new attainments. You can’t be operating at the level of the ordinary and be expecting any extraordinary. Giving according to your means is the ordinary and going beyond your means is the extraordinary. The question you need to ask is if you are even giving according to your means before we now talk about giving beyond your means. Giving must also be of your own will (vs 3). 4. Struggling to key into every opportunity of sowing. For those who understand the real blessing of giving will go to the level of seeking and begging for opportunity to give and sow. When you are called upon to give, how do you feel, compelled or confused? Some people who know the secret will even beg to give! (vs 4). 5. Your person before your possession. This is the key to enjoying the reaping of prosperity. If your person is not yet given, then your possessions cannot be given. The one best way to know those who have really surrendered themselves to God is how they release their possessions for His work. God must accept you before He can accept your possessions (vs 5). 6. A mentor to complete ad compliment you. It is not how you begin that matters but how you finish. To finish well, you need a sound discipler. Titus was a mentor to complete the work of strengthening of the Corinthian church. Have you a mentor yet or you are a lone ranger? You cannot be an authority when you are not under any authority (vs 6). 7. Holistic spiritual growth is not yet achieved until you excel in:  Faith development  Communication of your faith to others  Knowledge of God through the study and understanding of the scriptures  Maturity and stability in all spiritual exercises and virtues  Love for others and  Sacrificial giving to God and His children (vs 7). 8. A proof of genuine faith is commitment that is not artificial, legalistic or cosmetic. Sacrificial giving should be something you naturally do and not coerced into. Until it becomes part of you, you cannot fully reap its benefits (vs 8). The challenge for you this month is for you to understand what God expects from you in the area of sacrificial sowing through giving. Key yourself into the flow of His supply of surplus by reaching out and giving. NAVIGATING PRAYERS  God thank you for launching me into the month of August and for the great things you have in store for me.  I receive new insight and revelation that will bring me into my new transformation.  The grace and anointing to make me go extra mile in giving to God and others come into me now.  I receive favor to find favorable opportunities to give to soil that will bring abundant returns.  I surrender my person and my possessions for the kingdom work.  I connect my life to my life mentor and destiny encourager.  Every good work that the Lord has started in me, complete them in Jesus name.  I grow in all things in Christ.  I proof every good thing for the glory of God. SEPTEMBER PROPHETIC VOICE SEPTEMBER, MY MONTH OF REST AND INCREASE Praise God that you are a part of great train for the journey of September 2013. This is a very glorious month ordained by God for His People to enjoy His supernatural support and the grace of surplus. I am glad to announce to you that the prophetic release about this month is completely different from what the month of September is usually known with. For those that will believe God this month, no evil will come near your dwelling. “Then had the churches rest throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria, and were edified; and walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, were multiplied” Acts 9:31. The ninth chapter of the book of the Acts of Apostles is a transformational, emancipatory and radical divine encounter season for the early church. By divine arrangement this encounter is captured in the 9th chapter of the book signifying the fulfillment of Jesus last declaration at the universally most significant 9th hour of all times. “And it was about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour” Matt. 27:45. This ninth month will mark the end of your sorrow, struggles and sufferings in Jesus name. God is giving a final blow to all your pains and trouble and there is a prophetic declaration of “it is finished” on all your frustrations and failure. You are starting on a new note of sufficiency and satisfaction. The early church went through stages and phases as Dr. Luke reports in his Acts of the Apostles’ treatise. There was the time of preparation and incubation, followed by the time of manifestations and declaration and then the season of persecution. At Acts chapter nine, the church had her first experience of the 9th hour visitation after the order of Calvary’s encounter. The divine arrangement was the arrest of the center figure of the persecution on the Damascus’ road. There is someone orchestrating your trouble who will be arrested by God and re-deployed for kingdom business and your promotion. The enemies of your progress and joy shall turn around to become a part of your “cheer team”. The prophetic visitation you will experience this month of September is well captured by Luke in Acts 9:31. The detailed awareness God want you to have in tandem with the stated revelation from Acts 9:31 include the following: 1. “THE THEN” (vs 1). The word “then” used at the very beginning of this verse is heavily pregnant. “Then” can have the connotation of the past and also of the present. “Then” can then be considered a transitory word. There is a positive transition you will experience this month that will positively and radically change the story of your life permanently. 2. REST ROUND-ABOUT (vs 2). At every area where the early church had her presence, there was rest for the people of God. To reach out and be fully fulfilled you must have rest and this is the prophetic promise for you this September. You have these promises this month in that regard: • The abiding presence of God shall give you rest. “And he said, my presence shall go with thee; and I will give thee rest” Ex 33:14 and Ps 23:2. • The supply of the bounty of the Lord shall bring rest and satisfaction for your soul. “Return unto thy rest, o my soul: for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee” (Ps 116:7, Isa 14:3). • Your faith connection shall bring you rest. “For we which have believed do enter into rest …..” (Heb 4:3). • Your commitment and altar service will launch you into divine rest. “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls” (Matt. 11:29). When rest is then secured other blessings will follow. 3. EDIFICATION of the churches followed the enjoyment of rest that the church had. Edification is a strategic strengthening of an individual or church for better spiritual formation and all-round growth and development. There shall be the supply of strength and enablement for your movement into the next level. 4. WALKING IN THE FEAR OF GOD. The fear of God is the strongest motivation for commitment and growth. It is the foundation and the beginning of wisdom. Fear of the Lord is the prelude to your rest and skyrocketing promotion. Cultivate and live with the fear of the Lord and enjoy His rest and divine satisfaction. 5. COMFORT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit is the one along side with us. He strengthens and comforts us in all our situations and conditions. The soothing and comforting anointing of the Holy Spirit shall be your portion in Jesus name. 6. MULTIPLIED. There is a move from heaven that you will experience this month and this move will launch you into the divine supra-abundant supply of surplus. You shall increase in supra-geometric proportion on every side. NAVIGATING PRAYERS a) Thank you oh Lord for seeing me through August and launching me into September. b) I receive grace for a better, positive testimony this month. c) I refuse to continue to struggle and suffer in frustration. d) I receive divine attention in all my tension. e) I enter into my rest from all labour, disappointments and frustrations. f) I connect myself into divine, all-round satisfaction and blessings. g) I tap strength and enablement needed for my journey of the next level. h) I subject myself to the fear of God in all I do and think of. i) I receive the impartation of Holy Ghost comfort and j) I move into my season of super-abundant, supra-geometric multiplications. OCTOBER PROPHETIC VOICE OCTOBER, MY MONTH OF GLORIOUS MANIFESTATION GENESIS 8:5, ESTHER 2:16-17 Welcome to month “Tebeth”, the month of the great “unfolding”. The cloud has gathered gestationally for the past 9 month but we are now fully ushered into the season of rain and full manifestation that will culminate in our destiny fulfillment. As the year 2013 enters the last gear and accelerate toward the order of the end, in supra-geometric proportion, God’s glory shall manifest in and for your life. Romans 8:19 reveals the divine intention for this month in this manner “for the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s son to be revealed” Really, you are the one they are waiting for to be revealed and you will fully manifest in glory in Jesus name. God, according to His own plan and arrangement is revisiting a great prophetic release He gave four (4) years ago (2009). The main scriptural navigating passage is Gen 8:5 “And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, were the tops of the mountain seen”. The scene in Genesis chapter eight is a direct revelation of God’s plan for His people. After about 150 days of torrential rain of fury, there was a divine restraint that abated the furious rain. From the 7th month there was the experience of rest after several days of stubborn storm. After the order of God’s rest at the 7th day of creation, so Noah’s ark came to a point of rest on the 7th month. According to the scripture, from the 17th day of the 7th month, the water kept subsiding until after about 73rd day marking the beginning of the 10th month, then the “Tops” of the mountain were first sighted. I decree and declare prophetically concerning you that from this 10th month, you shall be gloriously sighted. Whatsoever is covering your glory and preventing you from being sighted for honour and lifting shall be cleared away so that you may be clearly seen. The waters that prevailed over the mountains by divine decree eventually decreased and submitted to the mountains to be unveiled and clearly seen. You shall come out gloriously and beautifully like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon. The Hebrew word “Rosh” which was translated “tops” in Gen 8:5 is a loaded word. It means headship, first rank, supreme, foremost, zenith of the sky or the summit of the mountain as used in this passage. This rendition is in tandem with your destiny arrangement and specification. You are created as the head and not the tail and for this singular prophetic reason, you are mandated to occupy strategic place of honor and significance. This month of October, you shall occupy your destined place of honor and glory. You shall be sighted for that desired lifting in Jesus name. There is a prophetic display of example of what you are going to experience very soonest this month. Esther 2:16-17 “So Esther was taken unto King Ahasuerus into his royal house in the tenth month, which is month Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign. And the king loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins; so that he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her queen instead of Vashti.” Consider and observe the sequence, the numerical tandem and concord and the strategic content agreement between the two passages (Gen 8:5, Esther 2:16-17). Esther got her lifting and manifestation in the 10th month of the 7th year of the reign of the king. In like manner, the water of Noah began to abate from the 17th day of the 7th month until the 1st day of the 10th month when the tops of the mountain were first sighted. This month, for sure, will not pass you by without your own experience of grace for glorification, lifting, honor and manifestation. I also see you crowned and lifted above your peers and comrades. You will obtain grace and favor from God and be supralatively and superlatively blessed. Welcome on board of October and let’s start to gloriously manifest! NAVIGATING PRAYERS 1. Thank you oh Lord for seeing me through the 9 month prophetic gestation season. 2. I blessed my father for launching me with power into this new month. 3. I receive a strong standing through the clear, prophetic understanding of this new time and season you have launched me into. 4. I receive by the power of the Holy Spirit all that is needed to fully key into the release of this month. 5. I command a complete seizure and termination of every contrary manifestation in my life, family and ministry. 6. I command a complete dry up of every rain and water of sorrow, stagnation and failure of my life. 7. I connect with power into the divine favor of God that will make all those who matters to sight, nominate and appoint me for a glorious position of significance. 8. Every negative power covering my glory, dry and be removed in Jesus name. 9. I receive the overtaking and outstanding anointing for excellence. 10. I fully fulfill my destiny package and arrangement for this 10th month in Jesus name.

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